Dress Your Pet This Halloween

Weeks have passed since my last travel post. Been focused on online war games (#COC) lately while fluffing my cute and adorable best buddy. Her name is Arya and it was taken from the name of Sansa's younger sister from my favorite HBO series Game of Thrones. I'm an animal lover but one of my weakest point was... I don't  really understand them that much. In as much as I want to know exactly how they feel, its just that you really need to have one first for you to know it. That's when Arya came into my life. Thanks to my very supportive boyfriend who's so good in training puppies and for giving Arya as a gift for my....well for my ordinary day. Haha! I also owe it to Caesar Milan's reality show (Dog Whisperer)!

We all know that Halloween is fast approaching, and instead of me posting for my Halloween costume, I've decided to make one for my lovely buddy. I want to share these easy steps in making or dressing your pet this upcoming Halloween. 

Things we need are cardboard or any piece of paper that we can use to create a draft and draw something on, a scissor and a piece of  creased black paper texture. I love Batman, that's why I want Arya to be the bat girl for this weeks Halloween day.

In a piece of paper, create a wing pattern. Cut the creased paper, use the patterned wing as your guide before cutting it.

 Now, get any of your pets dress or clothes.

Choose the best outfit that will be suitable for the batgirl costume.

In this step, you can use a sewing machine to attach the black wing to the clothes or just sew manually with your hands.

Voila! Now we're done, here's Arya wearing her batgirl costume for the upcoming Halloween Day.

So how do you like our Halloween #ootd??? Try it!
And because she's a good dog, she deserves a treat!!! Yay! 

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the view!


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