The Underground River in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Philippine's pride is now one of the 7 Wonders of Nature when it was voted last 2012 by the global community. This Underground River in Puerto Princesa Palawan is actually the longest navigable subterranean river. There are rare creatures and bats as you enter the cave. The Underground River is immensely a natural piece of art.

It's one of the most visited places in the Philippines nowadays. One of the most amazing piece of art was the 20 million year old  fossilled-remain sirenia, commonly known as sea cow or dugong in tagalog that was plastered in a limestone wall inside the cave. Puerto Princesa is now known to be the eco-tourism capital of the Philippines.

Along the way were these beautiful scenes. We rode a van then a boat to reach the place  and it took us almost 2 hours from our hotel in the city. Signals were out of reach and my phone became useless for awhile.

We get to see animals (that would freak me out if I see them in Manila) walking around the Island, like monkeys, reptiles, etc., But we were so fond of the monkeys and they also walked with us like a tour guide as we head to the Underground River.

If you are a lover of nature, this trip would really amaze you, like the geologists and other discoverers of this river. They were all mesmerized with the huge importance of its minerals. It's made more unique and rare yet it hosts the most number of minerals in the world. The mineral and rock formations were stunning too. You'll get to see a lot of  animals, fruits, veggies, human bodies and faces naturally carved on its wall.

There were bats everywhere and to be honest, they really stink. LOL :)

After our astonishing exploration and discoveries about the beauty of the Underground River, we went to our buffet lunch that was part of our package tour. We get to taste the famous Tamilok, a ship-worm or a woodworm. YES! WORM! This tamilok is a famous delicacy in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It tasted like oysters because of its very slimy texture. You have to eat it raw yet it's already cleaned. We called this "The Tamilok Challenge" and it's said to be a complete Palawan Experience if you get to taste it at least. Oh well! We're on!!! haha... :) I love my gamer friends! LOL

Soon to be posted will be the Ugong Rock Challenge. For now, I want you to enjoy this short video clip that I prepared during our trip. :)

Thanks for the view! :)


  1. That's a really cool experience. I hope I could get there someday. #BucketList



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