Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Philippine crocodiles are now considered as one of the endangered species all over the world. The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is a place where crocodiles are being taken cared of and are segregated separately according to its stage of maturity. Formerly known as the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, this serves as  a place of refuge to preserve the crocodile's eexistence
We went to the hatchling house where we can see the younger crocodiles. It's the main hallway of the building where visitors are allowed to pass by. 

Palawan Wildlife Rescue is located at the south area of Puerto Princesa city center. It's one of  the most important places to visit whenever you plan to have a city tour package in Puerto Princesa. Most city tour packages offered in Puerto Princesa automatically include this on their list. Estimated traveling time from our hotel had reached about 25-30 minutes. 

Imagine how salted water crocodiles can grow so big in the outside world. Humans should not mess up with them, coz just like in the movies, they can eat us.

One history about crocodiles in Palawan was when a 16ft. crocodile was captured by the townsmen after it engulfed a young child. It's a big proof that salted water crocodiles can really grow so big. After months, the crocodile died for stress and its skin was hanged at the main entrance of the said building. 

After the hatchling house, our tour guide walked us through the cage of older crocodiles. In this area, we saw bigger crocodiles. Aside from crocodiles, there are also other animals that were rescued and brought to this place like pens of ostriches, bearcats and cages for Philippines cockatoos. There's also a mini museum in the building that exhibits different crocodile fossils. 

What's more fun about this tour? Visitors are also allowed to take photos with the baby crocodiles. I took the chance to preserve my experience too, so here I am carrying the mini crocs. Hope you enjoyed reading, just don't forget to include this on your list.

Thanks for the view!


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