Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa Palawan is a place where you can buy Palawan's famous delicacies or commonly known as "Pasalubong" in Philippine term. Before we end our Palawan trip and adventure, we dropped by to this place "again" to buy some fresh baked foods and goodies for our friends in Manila. It's hilarious 'coz we already ate some of the goodies that we bought during our City Tour, which was our first day trip when we arrive. The very popular hopia were really delicious and my favorite crinkles were the best. They also have souvenirs available like shirts, accessories, etc..

We never really expected the beauty we saw beyond the popular delicacy store. It's very entertaining like an amusement park with so many popular Disney characters, dinosaurs, birds, playgrounds, scenery, live birds and peacocks to look at and take pictures with your friends. Baker's Hill is located literally on top of  the hill. It's a perfect place to take #ootd photos, don't you think?

This lady statue poses better than me. Haha! The place is really beautiful. If you were able to check my previous post about My Gladiator Sandals, I've already posted some beautiful photos taken on the first day of our City Tour. If you're planning to visit Palawan, I highly recommend Baker's Hill as your first choice of destination whenever you plan to buy some delicious goodies and enjoy their beautiful park at the same time.

Thanks for the view. :)


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    1. My pleasure Marcusyohj. Thanks and will come back soon! :)


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