Sunday, August 24, 2014

Semi-Heavy Eye-Makeup Tutorial

Howdy girls? My Sunday is quite not busy right now, so I make it a point to post a makeup tutorial as promised to some ladies asking how I do the makeup eye shadows whenever I apply makeup with my friends. I recently posted in my photoblog (SEE POST HERE) about a make-over I did with my bestfriend who'll be attending a company night out party that same evening. Well, I have my own ways of applying eye shadows and to be honest, I rarely use them. Not that I don't like them, coz I definitely love them, but a simple plain black mascara would actually be enough for my everyday look. 

So let's start with my plain look, lets say you've had all the BB Cream and concealers applied all over your face and eyes like my photo below.

Here's the eye-shadow that we'll be using right now. I love this pocket-sized 25 Colors Make-up Palette that I got from Sophie Paris. 

This 2 in 1 makeup box is very essential for quick events and parties. It's very handy and light, yet all the color palettes I need are in this mini box. Funny when my workmates thought it was a pocket book when I first brought it at work. LOL :)

The first shade I used to apply as the base of my eye-makeup is the color closest to my complexion. It can be yellow, gold or flesh.

Apply them on your eye-lids from the center to the side.

Then draw an imaginary line using a brown or a black shade of eye shadow where you can trace the shade of the eye shadow you prefer later on.

Today, let's pick this shade. I don't use liquid eye liners anymore since I'm already allergic to it. I also tried and bought the expensive ones, still my eyes become swollen after few minutes of using it. So I'm suggesting this shade as an alternative for those ladies who has the same problem as mine.

Follow the traces you've drawn earlier and darken the shade at the outer area of your eyelid.

Now we're done on the first application of your eye shadow.

I chose the light blue shade to add glow to my eyes. You can also choose a different color that would depend on the color of your outfit. (eg.,pink, blue, gold, violet, green, etc.)

 It's time to blend another lighter color at the middle area of your eyelid. I normally just use my fingertip so I can easily manage the application. Tip for a long lasting eye shadow? Tap a small amount of lip gloss or petroleum at the middle area of your eyelid before applying another shade of eye shadow. It not just give you a long lasting eye makeup color, it adds glow to the shade of your eyes too.

Pick this bronze color afterwards.

Then apply this shade at the upper area of the traces of eye shadows for a more contoured look.

Blended color eye-makeup on my eyelid with just 4 shades of palette to complete my look for today. How'd you like my eyes now?

We're not yet done, now we also need to work on the lower part of the eyes. First, pick a lighter blue shade of eye shadow...

Apply it below your eyes...

Then use a dark brown eye liner from the side to the center for a natural look. This way of applying eye liner will make your eyes look as if you haven't applied it at all but would still complement to the eyelid colors we have blended earlier. Then apply the Mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Complete your look with a pink shade of lippie.

And a peach or pink colour blush...

Tada! Now here's my finished look for the Semi-Heavy Eye-Makeup look for today. 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colo for my lips, MAC Blush Baby for my cheeks, Avon's Supershock Mascara in Black for my lashes and (Kz) Koshize Eye brow Liner KEBL1 in Chestnut from Sophie Martin.

Time for some selfies!

Thanks for the view! :)


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