#R3RUN For Sustainability at the Blue Bay Walk

Running against Global Warming! YES! I'm here to share another awesome run with my other co-runners last August 10,2014 at the Blue Bay Walk (See previous invite post HERE). I love spending weekend with friends while enjoying and sharing our fitness routines together at the same time. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people having same interest as mine. Weekends are worth spending if we spare a little time for fun activities like this. I hope everyone who joined enjoyed the run too as much as we did. 

From dawn to sunrise, we've always been ready! There were thousands of runners who ran for the #R3RUN For Sustainability project. Happy to see a complete family running together, others also ran with their cute dogs and puppies. I'm pretty sure everyone were enlightened by the purpose of this event and we've all been educated enough to know more about sustaining our environment, as what the run aims to project that day, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

There were finishers kit that were being given to all the runners and quick aerobics session afterwards. Booths were also around the corner and other fun activities that we also enjoyed. We weren't able to have pictures closely with the celebrity guests, unfortunately. Yet, we were thankful for having the perfect weather that day! We were all worried of the consistent rain for the past days. Guessed our wishes and prayers were granted. Thank YOU! The whole event was successful, I wish to join more events like this and I hope more companies will implement seriously their Corporate Social Responsibility. Not just to clean their names but also to ensure we sustain the beauty of the world. What may be harmful to the environment will likely be more harmful to human beings by nature too. So how can you spare your share in order to maintain the beauty of Mother Earth? As simple as throwing your trash in the trash bag, recycling your old stuff instead of throwing it immediately away or simply by using eco-bags at the grocery stores. We can all make a better place, we just have to be knowledgeable and disciplined about the things we have to do and we shouldn't do.

If you were there with us, I know you enjoyed the run too. Thank you Quanta Papers Corporation for this awesome project and for making our weekend seemed worthwhile.

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Thanks for the view!


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