My Gladiator Sandals

Being too predictable with the title which I thought would actually be cool for today's post. I'm a huge fan of Roman Gladiators and I love watching Gladiator's combat in different movies. But before anything else, my weekend was a blast and I just can't wait to share it. I know, I'm too hyper lately, I feel like exploding and my friends are just as crazy as I am.

We went to Palawan Puerto Princesa! Yes, but before I share my "soon to be" very looong post about our awesome trip and experience, I just wanna share  my awesome Gladiator Sandals I got from Purple Sole. They sell affordable and beautiful custom made designed shoes and sandals that ladies like US will surely love. When I saw their simple and white gladiator designs, I couldn't help but asked for a reservation immediately. Hope you'll like it too. Also follow them on Instagram, you might wanna grab one! For now, enjoy the pics. :)

Wearing Uniqlo Romper, Purple Sole Gladiator Sandals and Purple Satchel Bag from Boardwalk. 

Thanks for the view!


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