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Are you a makeup lover or a blogger who loves sharing reviews and tutorials about beauty and makeup techniques? Well this post is for you! There's a new iOs App called Makeupsocial  that enables beauty experts like yourself to share and discuss tips about beauty, makeup, product reviews and tutorials that can be very essential for all the lovely ladies in the world. The difference of this app to other social sites like instagram or chictopia, is that this app focuses solely on discussing makeup advice and makeup looks for the whole community. It's always a fun thing exploring different ideas with co-beauty experts. Every beautician or beauty blogger would be a great help for other starters and it would be easier to reach out if we are all working hand in hand in sharing our thoughts and experiences in a single network. 

(Illustration is from Makeupsocial's Co-Founder sent via email.)

This app is currently available in iOs or Iphone, yet it's also soon to be available in Android. 

It's time to show the world your passion and talent. Join the community and download Makeupsocial App HERE.


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