Simple Hair Care-Styling Tips

Model: Ayen Ramayrat

Your hair is your crowning glory. It's your mainstream for beauty and style. One of the major physical makeover that any woman could get is when they change their hairstyle. Switching into another look can be very overwhelming, yet if done successfully and perfectly, it can help you boost self-confidence and you'll surely feel good about yourself.
For a woman who easily gets bored of the same hairstyle and changes her look from time to time can trigger frizz and hair damage too. I have the same problem, I couldn't resist changing my hair color, from dark brown to red, then light brown, down to ash brown. I'm fond of experimenting and changing makes me feel good, but we all know that it can be harmful to our hair too. I was once guilty of all these hair abuse, name it! That's why I've listed few of my simple tips on how you can maintain a beautiful and stylish hair without damaging it.

1. Hair Iron & Heat Styling

Using hair iron has become very useful in every woman nowadays. If you are a type of girl who can manage to style your own, curling or straightening your hair using your flat hair iron is a good way to save time and money instead of heading to the salon. But it can also create a huge damage to your hair, especially when you use it everyday. A piece of advise, always use a hair spray sunscreen or hair serum before heating your hair. Always remember that heat can trigger damage, just like the sun to our skin. So protection for your hair with these sunscreens and serum is really a must.

2. Proper Shampooing & Conditioning of Hair

Shampoo is the right product to cleanse and remove dirt that sticks to our hair. Yet shampoo can also make our hair dry if being used everyday. Make it a habit to shampoo your hair at least 3 or 4 times a week. Our scalp releases natural oil that conditions the hair, allow it to work on your hair. To keep it soft and shiny, always use a conditioner, apply most at the lower portion of your hair not near the scalp, since strands near the root area are naturally moisturized and healthy. 

3. Hair Colouring

If you have dyed your hair, use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner in washing your hair. These products are designed for coloured hair to keep it shiny and maintain its vibrance. Also, reduce hair washes to prevent hair colour from fading too soon. 

4. Hair Masking

There are so many affordable hair masking products available when you visit beauty stores like Watsons, etc.. Hair mask can lock moisture in your hair. It also enhances the color of your hair even more. For some, using mayonnaise in masking the hair is one of the safest and effective DIY ways to keep your hair glowing and shiny. These nourishing hair mask pampers your hair with its moisturizing ingredients.

5. Hair Cut & Regular Hair Trimming

Cut all those unnecessary split ends out of your hair as early as possible. Trimming is very important especially in styling your hair. Of course, you don't want to ruin your new look just because of visible hair flaws. So make the most out of it! Consult the best stylist recommended by your friends and let them do the beautiful hairstyle you deserve. 

A complete change of hairstyle overhaul's your over all persona. If you want to try a new look but afraid to do so, try reading different blog reviews and take important tips from professional hairstyle gurus. There's nothing wrong about experimenting and having a new look. Just always remember, never neglect tips and procedures that you can definitely use to your benefit. Stay beautiful!


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