My Top 10 Hair Inspiration

Hair has become the main focus of this blog's beauty category lately. I've been thinking of changing my hairstyle in about months now, I just really need more time and word of encouragement. LOL! One hairstyle that used to be my favorite since I was a kid was the natural dark brown straight-haired look with full bangs. But as I grow up, my taste swiftly switched into a more volumized light brown coloured type of hair.
I also used to love having wet and messy hair look, like "I just came out from the shower". I rarely comb my hair and people used to ask me "Who the hell in the world could live without a comb or a hair brush?". Alright, it`ll be nobody else but ME! And others whom I think who has the same hair type as mine. CURLY and WAVY! LOL :) Celebrities really nailed it in changing their looks from time to time. I envy their guts and courage in doing it, from long hair to super short boy-cut hairstyle. Maybe its their stylists or just their personal sense of style. Whatever it may be, their fearless moves in switching looks from this to that turned to be inspiring for most of us. I have listed few of my top 10 favorite celebrities that really knocked me out from changing their looks, regardless of their wigs and hair extensions, they just all look awesome!

1. Miley Cyrus

2. Ariana Grande

3. Jessie J

4. Nikki Minaj

5. Lady Gaga

6. Katy Perry

7. Ashley Greene

8. Eva Green

9. Rihanna

10. and lastly Shakira Shakira...

Shakira is actually my most favorite, I just love her from my 90's A-list up to the present. I'll never get tired of watching her. So who's your hair inspiration lately?


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