My Secret In Staying Fit

Many of us are asking how other women maintain their beautiful and fit body. What do they eat? How do they exercise? Staying fit is one of the most difficult and "expensive" thing to do. Lucky are those who can maintain their figure and eat whatever they want, but for those who find it really hard to achieve that Victoria's Secret body, discipline and hard work will always be the key.

No matter how much we try, aging will still keep our metabolism slow. Yet exercise and right amount of nutrition from food can help our body release toxins and unnecessary fats. When I was a teenager, I was never worried about my food intake. I eat every junk and processed foods that I want. But now that I`m on my mid 20`s, I started working 8 hours a day sitting and facing in front of the computer everyday with less exercise were the main causes of my weight gain.

One girl asked me via email about my secret in staying fit. Well, I admit it, I'm also guilty of having cheat days. I really can't resist tasting yummy foodies. In as much as I want to maintain my fitness routines, its just that I really find it exhausting sometimes with my fixed schedules. It came to a point that I'd choose to skip meals to lose weight fast, but I definitely know it`s  not healthy anymore. Another thing, skipping meals can increase your cravings for food too. The more you resist, the more it persist. So I've decided to do some research on other trimming and slimming tips. I actually learned it from the different blog reviews about it. It`s now my time to share my little secret.

I tried Carb Trim
Based on research studies, white kidney bean extract may help reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates.

Carb Trim blocks carbohydrates and contains no added sugar. Stir it like an iced tea because you may drink it for up to 3 times a day, preferably before meals. To be honest, it worked for me. From 115lbs., after 2 months, my body weight went down to 105lbs. now. I still eat whatever I want but always in a moderate state. Of course, you must do your exercises and routines regularly, too. I definitely know that Carb Trim isn`t enough to stay fit, honestly, but it helped me at least block my carbs intake and lose few lbs., check out the difference between my two photos:

              BEFORE                                             AFTER

After drinking Carb Trim, my tummy turned flat and my face became more contoured. I was surprised about it. Aside from carb trim, I still do my daily quick exercises, moderate confectioneries intake, no more alcohol and less carbs too. I'm still drinking Carb Trim at least once a day until now for maintenance, sometimes twice a week though. Try it!

Buy this whole pack of Carb Trim in your favorite leading stores (SM Supermarket, Watsons Health Section, Mercury, etc.). Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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