Wandering at BenCab Museum

You're not a big fan of art if you don't visit Museums nearby everytime you travel. Agree? Museums are the best place to visit when you want to see extraordinary works of art. Trust me, its unavoidable to be emotional in these places. Everything has its own story, everything is a masterpiece, everything is made based on the feelings and emotions of every artist's, everything is truly magical. Weird but that's how my heart empathizes. Now, I introduce you one of the most outstanding Museums in the country (Philippines) today.
BenCab Museum is a four-level building that houses the art collection of the famous National Artist Mr. Ben Cabrera. He's been doing workshops and lives in this building too. Contemporary artworks of other contributors and passionate artists can be seen in this Museum, even those that were being made in Manila. BenCab Museum is located in Baguio City and should always be on your list-to-go whenever you plan to visit the Summer Capital. Hand-painted, photography, hand-crafted, etc., BenCab Museum always exhibits the best work of art.

I was actually manually adjusting my camera settings everytime I take pictures, as per BenCab Museums' strict policy that photography is permitted, yet CAMERA FLASH is never allowed! That was really tough though, I'm an amateur photographer, so I need to memorize light  exposure, ISO settings, etc., just to perfectly achieve the best shot. Wew! I was amazed by other pro-photographers who were there too, they were using a filmed-camera with manual settings, no ifs and buts, whenever the light changes, they quickly adjust it before they shoot. I'm still curious of the outcome, I'm sure it's beautiful. By the way, of all the artwork displays, here are my favorites:

By the way, did you know that BenCab's art inspiration were real people who lived in the past? Sabel was a famous name in the Museum, she's BenCab's subject and inspiration in painting. She used to live at the streets, dressed not so well, yet BenCab saw the beauty behind Sabel that made her a model from most of his paintings (see left side painting).

I don't wanna share completely here the stories behind every pieces, don't worry, once you visit this place, there will always be a tour guide that will be assigned to your group. They are historians and they will share every tidbits that you need to know, something that you will never forget. Hmmm??? LOL :)

One amazing piece of natural art were these! They were made of wood, but shockingly, it turned out to be a stone, see closely the upper portion of the display, it's as shiny as a gem. Amazzzing! They said it's because of the natural climate change, I just find this piece very beautiful...I mean REALLY!
Behind these beautiful scenery is a Café named after BenCab's subject, the Café Sabel.
Credit to Ayen Ramayrat / Photography for these 2 photos and my solos after these.

We all know how cold the weather of Baguio City is, so here's what I wore that day...

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For more info about BenCab Museum, check their website HERE.

 Hope you liked it! Thanks for viewing. :)


  1. Hi Tayme, I love your coat. I love your pictures too..

  2. Nice photos Tayme. I lve your blog...wag ka naman suplada..hehe


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