Romper On-The-Go For CLOSET SWAP

June is definitely considered a rainy month, yet summer still sinks in-between. So in a day, we tend to experience the unusual change of the weather constantly. I know...this really sucks! When you go out on a cropped top and shorts, you might want to bring a jacket or umbrella with you always just to be sure. This climate change is very unpredictable! Weather reports tend to be inaccurate sometimes, so everyone must be ready all the time.

I wore this Striped Romper because the weather was really sunny and hot when we left, but as we arrived  to this place, the sun started to hide behind the clouds. This happens all the time and I predicted it, good thing I brought my jacket with me whenever the weather changes. I also used this leather pink shoes, plus this satchel bag in purple, both are perfectly safe even if it rains. So, I'm on-the-go!

To be honest, there were little raindrops already while were trying to capture these photos, but I don't mind, I've been prepared with that. Thanks to my red jacket!

I'm wearing accessories from Forever 21, Striped Romper from Folded & Hung, Sunnies from i2i New York, Purple Satchel Bag from Boardwalk, Pink Shoes from Parisian. Thanks to my ever beautiful photographer and friend Ayen Ramayrat for these lovely pictures.

By the way guys, I'm currently communicating with, it's a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands or sell your unused gift cards for cash. From Nordstrom to DSW, they have all the gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. This post is actually for their campaign entitled "CLOSET SWAP", where you can switch or swap your wardrobe collection to summer. Here, I'm highlighting this striped romper as my summer on-the-go best find. What do you think?

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