Review: I Need You, Green Tea!

Green Tea not just soothes our tummy but also our skin. How is that possible? This Green Tea that I'm talking about is a Mask Sheet! I got it from Etude House Ph as a gift. 

Since I've been looking for a facial mask that would help me regenerate my skin without any hassle, I find this Mask Sheet perfect for cycling my beauty regimen. I really wanna save time yet I don't wanna lose all the essentials of beautifying my skin. Believe me, taking few minutes for skin care can really make a difference.

This Mask Sheet contains green tea extract that soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin. The mask design is tension fit that gives you comfort with the facial adhesion. Like any other beauty mask, this sheet is ready to use and easy to remove.

After cleansing your face, apply this Mask Sheet on your face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Yes, just that quick! Don't you think I look funny now? LOL :)

Just hold and apply the sheet according to the diagram. With the tension fit design, it automatically sticks to your face. To incite tension fit more, just tap the sheet against your face and that's it!

After 20 minutes, remove the mask and gently massage the remaining extract and solution on your face, til it dries. Recommended interval for mask application is every 2-3 days for maximum efficacy, yet it still depends on your free time, once a week will also be fine.

After using it, it will leave your skin soft and beautiful even without makeup on. Other available extracts aside from green tea are lemon, pearl, aloe-vera and promegranate.

Illustration from Etude House

For one quick beauty tip, you might wanna try this at home. Stay beautiful!

Thanks for the view! <3


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