Get Rewarded & Earn While Sharing On Social Media

There is this one app that I`ve been reviewing lately. Curious with its very catchy phrase, "There's one thing you never knew you can do with an app". Sounds a little odd? But when I tried downloading it and after signing up, an amount of Php15 was added automatically on my account. Not bad for a 5min. quick registration. Want to know more about this app? It's actually ChurpChurp, a community for social media influencers!

If you've been following me on twitter, there's actually an auto share template that I've authorized to share with my followers everyday. I work at night and sleep during daytime, I was never a full time twitter user, but this authorization made it easier for me to earn more. ChurpChurp is now available in the app store and play store for apple and android users. It allows you to edit photos, keep track of your finances (earnings), and trace number of minutes consumed and exercised every week. 

Illustration by Nuffnang Community Team

All you need to do is understand the campaign task assigned by ChurpChurp everyday and share it! Per sign up of your friends from your invites via networking sites, you'll instantly receive rewards and earn cash even when you`re offline with "auto post"! Sounds easy huh?

Ready to burst this latest tidbits with your lovely techy friends? Now is your chance to maximize all your networking sites. Learn about the latest and easiest ways to earn CASH!

Still curious? You can register on their website now, just click HERE to sign up.

Since it's already available in the  app store and playstore, know your task and keep track of your finances daily using your mobile phones. 

Download ChurpChurp app in App Store HERE ...or Play Store HERE!

Happy earning while sharing! :)


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