Dinner Date With Camille Co

Camille Co is one of the Top Fashion Bloggers today, not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. She's a fashion designer and had inspired, or should I say also influenced so many teens, young adult, all ladies in the world who loves fashion with her amazing and unique styles. She even had brought prestige to our country when she won the Mango's IT GIRL, a contest hosted by Mango to all fashionista's all over the world, check it HERE. Check out her blog "Camille Tries To BLOG" to see all her endeavors and achievements in the field of fashion and beauty.

So, literally, as what the title states, luckily I was invited to have a dinner with her. An intimate dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club located in Century Mall. To see her for the second time and an intimate talk with her on her special day is really something unforgettable. Yes, I call it "her special day" because it was also her birthday. Aside from that, what's amazing are the surprises that awaits us during the evening. But before I reveal, here are the food served that evening. Bon appetit!

This dinner would be incomplete without me sharing this unique menu list. It's actually made of, as you can obviously see, a newspaper. Cool and unique isn't it?

Asparagus Salad - with the cream cheese melting goodness with fresh eggs and potatoes.

Adobo Sunrise - Breakfast Rice Overloaded with the crispy adobo flakes.

Chocolate & Ginger Torte - that melts in your mouth.

I'm feeling hungry while typing. Urgh! Well, a dinner with Camille was spectacular, her humble beginnings were truly inspiring. We've talked about so many things, like how she started her blog, how she started her clothing line "Coexist" and we also threw a lot of jokes together with the other guests. I like the fact that most of us have a lot in common. We blog, we love taking photographs and we love Fashion. And that's the main reason why we were there. What I really enjoyed are the chit-chats with the other avid blog readers of Camille too. We really get along well since we all have so many similarities in terms of interest. Funny how we all take our own angle when the camera snaps a shot. LOL :) Oh I just love these girls.

Meet Camille Co's sister. She looks younger than me. She's very nice and accommodating too.

We also received gifts from the sponsors. Thank you Olay, SM Accessories, Majolica Majorca, Melissa, Goody, Smart, Za Cosmetics, Rabeanco, Early Bird Breakfast Club. Everything is truly essential.

Oh! That's so sweet of her! If you're reading this Cams, thank you for this. <3

Happy birthday Camille. Oh, I also wanna share about "Camille Tries To Blog" app. They also launched it that same evening and they're still working on improving it, but it can be downloaded via android phones, apple, etc.

If you wanna keep updated with all her latest posts, get this app for free.

Click HERE to download via App Store.
Clicke HERE to download via Play Store.

It's easier to navigate and you can also submit your own photos on her blog app. Cool for all her avid fans and readers. You can easily just take a snap shot and share it in her blog too.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. You're so lucky to meet her Tayme...

  2. The food looks nice. Great shot Tayme!

  3. Great post! Reading this makes me miss everyone :( And ang ganda ng quality ng photos mo <3


    1. Nice to see you here again Kylie :) And thanks for the photo compliment... <3

  4. The food looks delicious. You guys looks amazing!

  5. Thanks for this blog post, Tayme! My sister will die if she sees this! Haha!

    1. Haha..hope she won`t be mad after seeing this. Btw, thanks for dropping by Cams. i appreciate it. See you soon!


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