Brighter Than Sunshine

Philippine Festivals are being celebrated annually by different local destinations here in the Philippines. It's aim is to promote the cultural edge and values of our own heritage.  I've personally witnessed its extravagance and tough preparation. Behind those fancy dresses, fine gowns and costumes are group of hard working people. Can you even imagine how much effort they've exerted to build each costume? Yes, the term is build, a construction to make their head dresses and wings stand firm. This post might be a little shiny and golden for you, but because of popular demand (this means my friends), allow me to share a little celebration related to it, a "Mini Festival", themed during our sportsfest opening at work. The purpose is to bring life to Philippine culture and tradition, and showcase the beauty of the muses from different competing teams. I portrayed the Sinulog Queen for our team, the grandest Sinulog Festival that was originated in Cebu, Philippines. My cousin Kim Villacampa was actually the reigning Sinulog Queen 2010, so there's so much pressure on me and too much expectation from my family. Haha, kidding! I was just imagining if!. LOL :)
Now here's the sequence during my make-up session with Gene Capulong.

Gene, if you're reading this, thank you so much for my beautiful and "pak" hair and make-up. Those hands are truly magical! Sorry I wasn't able to show you guys the step-by-step application of eyeshadows around my eyes, yet I have some photos behind the scenes.

I feel like having a pre-nup party with all the photos during the preparation. Atleast for once. HAHA! My ever supportive friend fixing my gown, pinning and winning it. LOL :) Go Ayen!!!

Time for a little smile! Rollers were on my hair for almost 4 hours. Gene also used a hair iron for a long lasting bouncy curls.

It was actually as hot as hell while we're doing this. Can you picture me with the poker face? I'm here with less movements to preserve Gene's artistry. It was not easy though!

Thank you summer for the hottest temperature we had that day. In that case, I just had to really limit my move. Though there were AC's around the gym, still, it was boiling hot!

I wish to have this hair everyday. Seriously! :)

TADA! Here's my finish look with the head dress/crown. We're almost done here.

Here I am sweating like a pig. Thanks to my team for helping me on this. That huge sun they constructed at my back me was deadly and heavy. I really didn't expect that it can be this tough!

Wew...we should never underestimate the festival local street dancers on their costumes during the festival, coz its really hard to dance on timing while avoiding to be off-balanced carrying the heavy costumes, smiling and keeping yourself poised at the same time...woah!!! That moment when you just wanna end the day right away. I just felt that! But they said it doesn't show anyway! Really? Oh well, I just nailed it! LOL :)

Gown and costumes from Jhee Zingapan, created by Chellan Sagun.
Meet my partner Christian Tiu at my left as my King. We're so golden! 

Now here's the most awaited part, the street dance!

Meet all the Festival King and Queen winners!

Thumbs up to all the talents and performers of the different Festivals in the Philippines. This experience made me realize how good and professional they are in maintaining a good smile and sharing it to their audience all throughout the celebration *jaw dropped*.
I can truly say that "It's more fun in the Philippines"!

Thanks for the view! :)


  1.'re stunning Tayme. You're so beautiful with your golden Filipiniana gown. I love it.

  2. Yes, it doesn't show on the pictures that the sun is heavy. You made it look smooth and easy!

  3. I hope there was a video during the event..

  4. Sobrang tiis-ganda mode lang ah.. Push lang ng push teh. kaya mo yan! Ganda! >8<

    1. I know... hahah... Thanks Tina for the encouragement! maka-push wagas!

  5. love the make up and the gown you wore :)


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