My Sweet Floral Bustier Bikini

I know we've been gauging summer because of its angry temperature, like we just wanna stay home and watch TV or just walk around the mall to avoid the extreme heat outside. Yet, the best part is a summer vacation with your family and friends. Swim and take advantage of it. Philippines is very lucky to have a tropical weather. Every year we are being envied by other countries because of the weather and beautiful beaches we have. I love the beaches and other tourist destinations here, you enjoy yet you spend less. My goal is to discover and land to these places as soon as I have time. So why spoil the summer if we can be at our best during these times. 

I'm actually wearing a Bustier Bikini that I got from Tomato Ph. I'm really an all time loyal Tomato customer. haha! It shows on my recent posts. I love how their bikinis fit well and safely on your body, plus, their items are also very affordable. Like this Bustier Bikini Top. Aside from its cute floral designs and prints, I love how it shapes your body curves. I'm really into vintage and classic, so this bustier form fitting garment really caught my eye. 

Bustiers were traditionally worn by women as a lingerie. It's primary purpose is to push up the bust by means of tightening the upper midriff that will force the bust up while gently shaping the waist area and making it appear smaller and sexier. Nowadays, its being worn not only as a lingerie anymore, but also as a bikini. This classic bustier or sometimes known as corsets are now "in" for summer with vast selection of styles to choose from.

We went to Club De Punta Fuego and we really enjoyed our stay there. It's really hot that time, shakes and cold refreshments will always be the answer to this problem. Credits to my fellow summer buddy Ayen Ramayrat for my solo's and Isaac Altarejos. They take good quality photos using Nikon D5100 and Nikon D3100. :)

We really had a great time. 
Thanks for the view. :)


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