Just Another Beach Story

The moment I started hitting the beach or even just imagining it, it makes me feel so addicted to it. Like all these tan lines which I don't mind having at all is something that I really wanna flaunt now. Plus, they can also give picture perfect results. But we can all be worried of having all these nasty sunburn afterwards. Golden tanned skin may be beautiful especially during summer, but is it safe to bare it all out under the UV Rays of the sun? The answer is always NO! We also need to protect our skin from all these painful burns. Isn't it odd to achieve this tanned look yet it can cause any harm to our skin? Doesn't make sense to me.

Yet the golden tanned skin is something that most of us really wanna have. It can bring out and show all your cuts and curves and will make it more visible especially on a bikini (as if I have those...lols). But no kidding! Filipinos are lucky to have this natural perfect skin color. Not so dark and not even so white. 

To have a successful tanned look, always wear a sunblock an hour before hitting the beach. I've been sharing a lot to my friends how important sunblocks are and how you will benefit from it. Aside from its sunscreen protection from the nasty sunburns, it also slows down the appearance and development of wrinkled, premature aging skin. 

I use a sunblock spray from AVON plus a sunblock cream SPF 45 from Kustie.

The higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the more protection you can get. Wondering what type of sunscreen you must use? The answer depends on how much sun exposure you're anticipating to get. I highly recommend the ones with broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. For more info about the different sunscreens, just click here

Wearing: Forever21 Cover Up, SM Accessories Hat

Now with all these sun protection, I can just throw my hat and enjoy the sun. Oh how I love summer! It makes me really feel good. Now get your asses off your chair and plan a vacation with your friends too. Enjoy!

Thanks for the view!


  1. Nice beach photos, Tayme!
    I love the cardigan especially!

  2. Hope to see you soon! Love all your blogs Tayme. Cool name too.

    1. Thank you Gene Marie. There are only few of you who loved it. lol :)


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