Treasures of BOHOL

It's been quite a while when Philippines experienced one of the biggest tragedy in history, an earthquake, that reached the wake of the magnitude 7.2 and shook the Island province of Bohol. The quake's energy were even described almost equivalent to the jolted "32 Hiroshima Bombs" according to It ruined many establishments and homes. The pitch of terror after the tragic moment kept rising since even church establishments were also destroyed.

But it was never the end for Bohol! The positivism of every Filipino living in Bohol are very inspiring. Even Boholanos are also planning to turn the tragic aftermath into a tourist attraction, by turning the damaged sites into places for geological study. Who knows, maybe for tourism too? There's always a purpose for everything. The attitude of being strong, fearless and faithful in God are still here and we should never give up no matter how tough the challenges are.

We've been curious of Bohol's situation, that's why we flew to this Island to see how everything's going now. Good news, it's still beautiful! The tourist destinations are still on its peak. We still get to visit their hidden treasures as well as their popular spots. It's really amazing to see Bohol's fast recovery. The spirit of its people are so high, as if nothing happened. I know it took a lot of hard work to stand up again. You and your family being affected by a natural disaster like this was never easy, but I appreciate how these people expressed to God their confidence and faith. There's really more to life when you believe! 

 It was still love month when we went there, so hearts and cupids were in every corner. We stayed in Panda Tea Garden Suites, it was being booked by Astoria, a travel agency. It's one of the newest Hotels in Bohol. I asked the receptionist why the owner named it "Panda", and they said, a married couple used to collect Panda items and really loved them so much. So they decided to name it after their love for Pandas. Sweet isn't it? That's love! :)

Cute Panda stuffed toys! I really giggled with these cuties. Who wouldn't? Tell me...he must have no heart! LOL :)

We rented a car to drive us for the whole day tour. Good thing Panda Suites already took care of everything. They already provided us the car we need (that can also be good for 4 person) to drive us to our destination the whole day. We never worried of getting lost anymore since our driver was a pure Boholano, it was really hassle free. Now, we're good to go!
We had several destinations in our mind, first, we visited the Golden Hinagdanan Cave of Bohol. We then went to their famous Beach Resorts, we nestled the coolest Bohol Bee Farm, checked on Tarsier Botanika, had a quick tour at Nova Shell Museum, had lunch on their famous cafeteria's and restaurants. It was really a jam-packed day since were also running out of time, so we really want to make the most out of it. No ifs, not buts...just check these out:

You can also swim if you want, too. These people were actually singing when we arrived, we really thought its their job to sing there.. haha, but they're also visitors in this cave. Their voices were really beautiful like heaven, plus, their on the spot microphone was the cave itself, where their voices were being echoed from here and there. NICE!!!

Sad to know that tarsiers were brought back to their natural habitat that time when we visited the famous Botanika Garden. It's ok, atleast they're still in the safe place away from stress. It was really not our day to see them. So I just mumbled with all these souvenirs...not bad! LOL :)

Next was, Nova Shell Museum, where you can see all the rare shells that can be seen only in the Island of Bohol. Souvenirs made of shells are also available here. Some of their items were already being exported abroad. I love the pearls and purses made of shells, but its just out of my budget, so I just took advantage of taking some photographs out of it.

Can you see this tiny earthling? It's the smallest shell in the world that was found in Bohol with a scientific name, Rotaovula Hirohitoi. See here. It's a species of sea snail and believe or not, it's worth a thousand bucks. I was shocked when I heard its market value. But don't dare to steal and sell it, its the only shell in the world. It's a collectible item for museums, only for viewing purposes and was never for sale. 

Next was the sunny and salted places at the beach. We went to Dumaluan Beach Resort or commonly known as DBR. The entrance fee cost PHP50 only. Very affordable for a beautiful beach and white sand like this. I can't help but stare. I didn't swim that day... BOOOO!!! I know, girl thing. LOL :)

Finally, BOHOL BEE FARM! YAY!I felt excited that time, like there were bees in my stomach when we're finally going to the Bee Farm of Bohol. I really wanted to taste the honey bees and organic ice cream that I heard were really luscious and healthy. 
Trivia: Did you know that all worker bees at the Bee-hive were female? 
Did you also know that a bee could only produce 1/12 tsp. of honey in her lifetime? 
And did you also know that male bees are only active during mating season?

Yes, these are all facts and that's how their life works. Sad to say male bees are couch potatoes in the buzz life. I just really hope not in human life! LOL :)

All these plants that you can see here are edible. No need to cook it. You can just squeeze a honey, mix it up and boom, instant salad. Very  healthy and I think I'll have better skin if I live here. For sure! haha.. :)

Bohol Bee Farm is more than just a farm. There were also restaurants inside, souvenir stores, business, swimming pools, beach, hotels, its everything! It's a paradise of classic and vintage stuffs. It's cozy and very relaxing ambiance is best when you're off from work. Life it is!

I hope you enjoyed this Travel Diary of mine full of hearts and love from Bohol. Go and witness the beauty of Bohol yourself with your partner and friends.

Thanks for the visit! 


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