Touchdown Boracay

Summer is finally here and an awesome summer getaway is already on top of my head. Who wouldn't love to visit one of the Philippines hottest yet coolest place to be? 

I remember my childhood days with my family, everytime we visit this place, my curiosity really kills me when our parents would sneak out at night to look for a way out and would just leave us (me and siblings) in our room. My eyes are wandering just to figure out where they're heading and why would they leave us in the middle of the night? We also cried and begged for them to stay, pity on us. haha! 
But as soon as we get to sleep, they'll all be gone without a trace! Now everything is clear as crystal to me and it was embarrassing that I even  provoked my brothers to cry pretentiously with me. I was just that clingy to my mum. LOL :) 
Events, parties, bars, sports, water activities, food and it, from dawn til night, LIFE is all in this Island!

 Beach means a must of wearing appropriate swimwear. Most beach lovers would prepare for summer because this is the time where we need to flaunt our hidden curves. haha!
What I actually wore was something I got from Tomato's Summer Collection, it's a High Waist Bikini! YES! I've never worn a high waist bikini bottom before. So when I saw this piece from Tomato, something's just pushing me to try it on. High waist bikini had been a retro fashion statement since 1950's. It may be considered a retro vintage or old fashioned, but that wasn't always the case. We are all aware that fashion styles just come in circles. What may be trendy today, may easily be forgotten tomorrow, but may also be "in" again in the future. 
But what makes the cliche going? Labels know how to innovate it. It's rebellious patterns make it skimpier and more provocative. Until now, high waist bikini's are even popular in women that can still be seen on many beaches. So when I saw it, I find it a 'lil conservative, but what pushed me to love it even more when after trying it, its actually still sexy! :) 

High waist bikinis are appropriate for tall and slim women. I'm worried 'coz I'm petite, but what happened was, it made me looked taller because of its deceiving bikini bottom patterns and prints. I also don't have that sexy wide hips, so this major deception made it looked like I have it! Good choice I believe.

Before I end this post, here's a quick peek on our water activity. See how kiddie happy I was with my travel buddies. ENJOY!

Isn't it amazzzzing??? Now here's our crazy video during our swimming session...LOL :)

Til our next trip!
Thanks for the view! :)


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