Earthly Senses

Lately, I find the beauty of nature very enticing. I couldn't help but think of places to hang out where I can feel the senses of Mother Earth. I am not an extreme travel junkie, but I love travelling especially at cool  local spots where I can relax and get away from the corporate city. I hate reaching the extreme level in any situation, but summer just perfectly made my day, it made me reach the extreme happiness that I was longing for. An earthly place to travel is just something. Check these out and look beyond what I'm talking about!

Natural beauty of the earths landscape is the best subject to take photographs. Not to mention the unnoticeable beauty of every tiny details that we tend to only see when we use our digital cameras. We are lucky for the worlds fast modernization, digital progress is just as quick as the wind. But I am still amazed by other professional photographers that are still using their filmed camera and print these images in a so called Dark Room using printing paper coated with an emulsion containing the light-sensitive compounds. I've seen  many of them and I really envy their awesome skills. 

How I wish I have all the equipment needed so I can also do the same thing. If not today, who knows in the future? :) Yet, I'm thankful of the digital world coz I'm getting close to it. My manual mode setting shooting skills using my DSLR camera can also take more experience and always gives me 100% control of mastering its great potential. #NoFilter

Hope you like it! Photos taken in Baguio City Philippines (Camp John Hay, BenCab Museum, Butterfly Garden, Strawberry Farm, Philippine Military Academy).

Wearing all earth colors for my OOTD that day. Thanks for viewing! Till my next post....

 Credit to Ayen's Photography for my solo photos. <3


  1. I love your color...

    1. Thanks Jenny. The new hair color is only temporary that can last for two weeks.


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