Monday, February 24, 2014

Sun Play

Panagbenga Feast in Baguio is still on its peak. But we were just there beforehand. Compared last year, we never had the chance to roam around the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of so many reasons, roads were closed, some stores were also closed. There were only limited places to hang out, that's why we changed the planned date. We had it atleast a week before the celebration of the said festivity. 
Not that we don't wanna join the said event, we just wanna explore Baguio even more. Since we've been mesmerized by the blossoms of Baguio last year, now we want to know more about it. More food tasting, more scenic views, something new that we never get to experience yet from the past visits. Thanks to our very patient and "hataw" Tour Guide. :)

Pink is NOT our favorite color. Not really that obvious here! LOL :) But I appreciate the fact that it makes you look younger, fresher and more playful. Since it's a little colder there compared to Manila, I wore this pink sweater with my pink scarf. Added by my Red Dome Hat I got from our store Haute Monde PH.

 I can't really predict the daily or hourly temperature. It changes very quickly in just a snap. There were areas that were colder and that you would really need to bring an extra sweater or jacket with you. But in this case, a mini-sweater skirt is perfect for that day! 

The sun was golden! I wish we have this weather in Manila everyday. No pollution, no excessive sweating, minimal make-up retouch, just the way I always wanted things to be, and that staying under the sun can also be fun! 

Sorry if most of my pictures, I've been carrying my camera with me. It's just that me and my friend Ayen are both carrying our camera's everytime we plan to take a quick shoot, and we can't just place it anywhere. hihi :)

It was valentines day when we went there. Good thing love month is not yet over. I hope you had a great time this valentines day. Thanks for the view! <3

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