Mr. & Ms. Perpetualite Grand Coronation Night

I feel guilty of my absence in this blog lately. I've been very busy with work, friends and other endeavors that I used to be affiliated with. Hmmm...after my last post in December, I got hooked  with events, parties, family reunions, like what I always do, and never had time to share all of my whereabouts. Now I'm back in the circle! Yay! :)

I have so many pending posts on my latest local travels and I can't wait to share it with you all. But before anything else, I really wanna share this one awesome night and event that I attended last night. It always feels good to be back in my Alma Mater. I really feel like HOME! I miss everything and every single piece of it. Whenever I go back it reminds me of so many wonderful and funny things. School projects, reports, case studies, parties, events, concerts, woahhh, my busy moment way back college is very unforgettable...yet all of these nostalgic feeling really makes me cry! If only I have the capability of going back from those times, like in the movie "About Time", then I'd probably be the Suma Cum Laude. haha! Yet, those memories are not forgotten and I don't have any plans of changing it "naman"...honestly! LOL!

University Beauty Pageant is one of the highlights of every schools University Week. I remember the time when I got blackmailed (sorry for the harsh word, haha) *kidding* by my professors to join as one of the candidates way back college. Those busy and very stressful days just to look good in front of everybody is really a MUST! You must always set as a good example for every students and you are required to be graceful and poised all the time. Whether you win the title or not, if you are being chosen to represent your College, then you have to serve as a role model. Every move is a reflection of your College. The pressure is always at beat! Time management is also very important. Attending rehearsals, preparing all the attires and studying all possible questions for the critical Q&A portion, while attending classes, name it, everyone knows how tough it is and it's not as easy as it looks! 

To be chosen as one of the panel of judges for the said event is really an honor for me. Thanks to my Professor Ms. Roxanne Castro (right, wearing black shirt) for inviting me. Other panel of Judges were Mr. CEU Graduate/Mr. International/Professional Model Mr. June Macasaet (at my right), Miss Tourism/Dealer/Alumni Ms. Michelle Bautista (left) and Ms Izzy Trazona of Sexbomb Dancer/Actress/Alumni wearing the blue dress...

....and lastly, the very talented Theater/Performing Artist (International, Miss Saigon) and Faculty Member of the College Department, Mr. Rocky Fajardo. An honor to take pictures with you Sir.

For every pageant, we used to create our own lists of favorites. Every audience is a judge, so every move is being keenly observed. So who were my favorite among these candidates?

She reminds me of Ms. Megan Young during the ramp. I love the color of her tanned skin and well toned body figure. This candidate walks with grace and have this Queenly aura. 

The College of Nursing Candidate has this very strong personality. She's very proficient and her voice is pretty well-modulated. She had the best answer during the Q&A portion. 

Candidate #1 won the Best in Long Gown.

While candidate #2 got the Best in Sports Attire.

Mr. Tourism won the Best in Sports.

He's also Mr. Perpetualite's 1st runner up...

Candidate #12 won the Miss Photogenic & People's Choice Award.

The College of Architecture Candidates became the apple of my eye during the ramp of their Filipiniana Costume.

The College of Business Administration also roared the center stage with her elegant Black and Red Filipiniana gown.

Both Candidate #12 were part of the Top 5 Picks.

And the winners are...

Candidate #12 won Mr. Perpetualite.

College of Nursing won the Ms. Perpetualite.

2013 Mr. Perpetualite

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!

The Pageant aftermath...

Thanks for the view! :)


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