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When we think of Barbies, we normally think about the little girls playing dolls with sets of pink fluffy stuffs. It's the mirror of glamour, fashion, anything colorful, nice, cute and girly. Now, Barbies are not just for kids anymore. It was year 2010 when Shubbiz launched their Collection of Barbie Adult Footwear. Yes...for ADULTS!

The collection featured shoe pumps, sandals, ballet-flats, platforms and peep-toes that fashionista ladies would really love. With their sparkling and colorful designs, you'll really stand out like Barbie when you wear it. It's unique and classic designs would reflect the aura of a Barbie Doll that may flashback our childhood memories. 

Photos from Shubizz

I remember the first time I received a Barbie Doll from my Dad, Mom wouldn't let me open it because she's afraid that I might break it or lose some of its pieces from the set like the clothes, accessories, shoes, blah blah!!! But I was deeply fascinated with it, so whenever they leave the house for work every morning, I used to open the super sealed box and played with it almost everyday, and must return it before they arrive at noon, until my bully brother took it and break it, in that terrifying instance, I realized that I must have listened to Mum. Woah! From there, I got caught! Nutty kid! LOL :) 

Last weekend, Real Barbie Ladies visited different SM branches to launch their newest Barbie Shoe Collection. Unluckily, I wasn't able to see their ravishing beauties, but I'm pretty sure those who were able to visit the SM Malls last weekend were enchanted by their glamorous outfit. Still, lucky me coz I was able to find the right pair of shoes for me. I really died when I saw it. I don't really go out in pumps, but this one became the apple of my eye. haha! It's really perfect for a party or in any occasion, good thing they have my shoe size available for the design I've been eyeing for! 


The one I have is the golden-brown-colored pumps with detachable shoe strap. From the normal pumps design, what I really like about this is the detachable strap, which you may detach anytime if you want to achieve the glamorous chic look. Or, outshine the crowd by wearing the studded punk style strap that would also serve as a walking support to your ankle. With these, you can be stylish and secured at the same time! :)

Weren't they gorgeous? Who wouldn't fall inlove with this pair? Tell me who? :)

This post would be incomplete without an #OOTN. So here's what I wore from the POP Machine party last weekend. 
Dress and accessories from Forever21.

"Wear your heels, don't let them wear you."
"Walk in heels with confidence, if you can't walk, dance with them!"
"Heels are pleasure with pain."-Christian Louboutin
"I always wear high heels, I simply feel naked without them."-Donatella Versace
"I don't know who invented high-heels, but all women owe him a lot."-Marilyn Monroe

These are the famous lines we often hear about wearing heels. My #tiisganda mode! LOL :)

To end this post, here's my Barbie-Like Look. Charrr!
Thanks for the view! <3

For more information about Barbie By SHUBIZZ, visit their FB Page HERE.


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