A new cosmetic line had caught my attention when I dropped by the mall last Saturday. I found this new Limited Edition Foundation Case that is said to be suitable for all progressive women in the world. Za is a cosmetic brand that supports women who aspire for sophisticated beauty. It's aim is to help women build their confidence by the help of their skin care and makeup products. Aside from the improvement of your everyday makeup, it also makes your skin more healthy and beautiful. Well, who wouldn't like that? This brand is also the sister company of the Shiseido Group, that is also known to be one of the leading brands of beauty and cosmetics all over the world.

This limited version of Za Foundation Case was created for a use of Za Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation, or Za True White Plus Two-Way Foundation. If you purchase the two refill foundation, you'll also get the limited foundation case for FREE! I'm not really sure if the promo is still on-going, I got mine due to extended promo on their branch located in SM Makati, you can try dropping by at any Watsons branches to see if they've extended the promo too. But since its a Limited Edition Case, it's NOT for sale. You'll only get it when you purchase the 2 refill foundation. 

Either place a Za Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation (REFILL), or Za True White Plus Two-Way Foundation (REFILL).

Za cosmetics allows you to shine your lifestyle more beautifully, that's why this new foundation case was created. This case was designed by Naho Ogawa, a Japanese Illustrator who made a collaboration with Za to come up with this edgy and girly look, perfect for ladies like me. LOL :) 

This case shows a detailed image of a girl lying on a make-up box with lots of girly and pretty stuffs that we all women love. Isn't it cute? 

This limited edition case is available in two colors, one in pink and the other one in green. 
I love pink, so I grabbed this ofcourse! 

You'll also have the chance to take home this cute Za umbrella when you purchase Php.1,500 worth of Za products. Also like Za Cosmetics Facebook Page and check out their fabulous promos and for more updates on their latest freebies HERE.

Thanks for the view!


  1. I want one........the case is so cuteeee...

  2. I already have the green one. but the original case is more elegant i think.

  3. I find this very cute.


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