Review: ZA Perfect Fit Concealer

I always wanted a perfect concealer that would help me cover my facial beauty marks and skin imperfections. When I dropped by ZA Cosmetics located in Watsons, SM Makati, I found their tube like concealer in a pink packaging. Since  I've been eyeing for a heavy yet affordable concealer, I think this will give me an excellent effect since its texture is non-sticky and is similar to the other pricey concealers that I've tried before. I badly really needed a concealer that will give me that long lasting coverage the whole day. So I tried it!

Well, ZA didn't disappoint me! I was impressed the first time I applied it under my eyes and other areas on my face that needed extra coverage. Perfect Coverage Powder or Perfect Fit Concealer covers imperfections, such as dark circles around your eyes, dark spots like freckles and acne marks. It contains collagen, Vitamin E and moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid for a more glowing and healthy skin effect. Fits skin perfectly and minimizes unevenness and fading. It's really perfect for a night out party because it's really long lasting. And if necessary, since its very handy, you can bring and use them anytime and anywhere you want.

I chose the "01 SHADE".  I have a fair yet yellowish complexion, that's why I picked this shade. Picking the right shade of foundation or concealer is very important in creating your make-up look. Wrong shade can give you a disastrous effect. Do not match your foundation to your neck since its your perpetual shadow and it might give a lighter, darker or ghostly effect. To start, try two shades or three that you think is similar to your complexion, one slightly lighter and one slightly darker (, yellow, pink). Try all these two or three on the same lane to see the effect after applying it.

Remember, the shade changes when you apply it on your skin. Allow it to dry for you to see the main effect. If you're still unsure of the colour, go for the LIGHTER one instead. Lighter shade will make you look fresher and even. If you've been told to go darker, please don't. It's gonna be pretty obvious that you're using makeup if you do so. You don't wanna look like a ghost and be a laughing stock in front of everybody.

It will still be best if you choose the lighter ones and just add bronze blush or amethyst to blend with the colour especially if you want to achieve the tanned glow. Plus lighter shades don't stay LIGHT all the time. It actually blends with your complexion as time goes by. 

However, if you really have darker skin, this is actually a bad choice. Choose the natural shade instead. I highly suggest that you better go out and ask your friends for the effect if they can see it. If they find you glowing and looking fresher than the usual, then it's the right shade for you!

In this photo, I actually used the foundation lighter than my skin tone, as you can obviously see. 

After the liquid foundation, use the ZA Perfect Fit Concealer on areas that needed extra coverage.

Apply it under your eyes, dark spots, acne marks, nose, side lip, etc.

Use a press powder if needed. I suggest a dual powder foundation cake for a cleaner look and long lasting effect.

The effect, fresher and glowing skin. Agree??? LOL :)

Use a perfect blush to add glow to your pale look. In this photo, I used the ZA Cheeks Groovy in 04 Apricot Pink to create a modeling look. (

And the finishing touch, use a light Mascara, brown gel liner below your eyes and a light pink lipstick I got from Collection Cosmetics in Satin Bow.

So how do you like my look?

For more information, visit their branch in Watson's Beauty section in SM Malls, or visit their website HERE.

Thanks for the view! :) Happy Thanksgiving!


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