Friday, November 8, 2013

REVIEW: AVON’s Anew 360° White Cream

I've been exposed to the sun these past few days because of the summer getaways we had. Aside from that,  I also work on a graveyard shift, that would mean, my skin is more prone to toxic and it'll be harder for me to regenerate since I don't sleep on normal hours. There it came to a point that I must use creams on a higher level that can give me double protection to maintain my youthful glow. Thanks to AVON’s Anew 360° White Cream! (parang commercial

The leading Beauty Company AVON launched their new ANEW 360° Creams (Night Cream & Day Cream) earlier this year that would help ladies maintain their youthful glow. This cream contains high quality formula that will work together to give you a brighter and fairer skin.

The Anew 360° White will give you extraordinary clarity and radiance. It's also clinically proven and tested, verified by clinical test results for vibrant skin that glows within plus younger-looking skin in just a week. Just exactly what I need. So I tried the night cream!

Anew 360° White comes with a purple-silver packaging with a 15g container. So handy that you can even bring it and carry with your make-up kit. It's non-greasy texture would be very suitable for dry skin like mine. 

Honestly, at first, I doubted the effectivity of this product because of its light texture. I was really worried of the dark spots and visible blemishes on my face, but after weeks of using it, my face is just back on its glow. 

I use it after I wash my face and after I apply a toner. Since I sleep during day time, as instructed, I definitely use this ANEW 360 White Night Cream before bed time! Regardless....LOL :)

For best results, use other AVON's ANEW products and the ANEW 360° White Day Cream and be sun-proof!

Here's my latest instagram photo after applying the cream. It really worked for me. 
Contact your Avon Lady and try it for yourself...!

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  1. New Mom11/08/2013

    I've been using Anew's really effective, worth spending!

  2. Mary Lin11/08/2013

    I love how you reviewed the product with simplicity. Thanks for posting..

  3. Toni Chan11/08/2013

    Must try!

  4. Trinity Loves11/08/2013

    Great choice of product.

  5. Alexa Khan11/08/2013

    I wanna try it too........

  6. Anonymous11/08/2013

    will try that I swear.

  7. Pinky Winky Social11/10/2013

    Great post! I'm glad it worked for you...i already purchased one today, and hoping it will give me same effect too. Thanks for the post! I hope you can suggest more about beauty and cosmetics again. Best of luck Tayme.


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