I love stripes! It creates the tricky illusion of being slim and curvy of anyone who wears it. The vertical stripes usually would make you look taller and slimmer, the horizontal stripes would make you look wider and would be perfect for a slim body figure, while diagonal stripes can visibly enhance your body curves.

There are multitude ways in wearing stripes. Stripe patterns and designs are commonly perfect for summer/spring. It had been worn by fashionable men and women at different global Fashion Week and was a huge trend in the international catwalk.

From my black and white dress I got from Forever 21, some tailored stripes I love the most were the ones with colorful prints and quirky mixed patterns. 

We've all been seeing stripe designs for a while now, especially on runways and different fashion boutiques. All these prints and cuts are very eye-catching that can give you a very edgy and fashionable look. 

You can mix stripes with other garments. Like for me, I have a very simple personality, but still, I don't want to be that simple at all, so I added a hat, a cardigan and a scarf to my look. These very wearable garments were perfect for the cold morning of Baguio City (Philippines).

Thanks for the view... :)


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