"NATURAL MAKE-UP MUST-HAVES" - that will suit your budget!

“Cosmetics” or commonly known as make-up, is a superficial measure to make something appear better, attractive or impressive. These are lists of powder, lotion, lipstick or other preparation for beautifying the skin, face, hair, nails, etc., commonly applicable to women and sometimes to men. I’m not a professional cosmetologist and you don’t have to be one just for you to know how to apply it, unless you want to be a professional make-up artist. To start, let me share some basic tips. This applies only for the late teens or for anyone who haven't tried applying make-up ever since. This natural look tips and less expensive lists might change your mind from not applying make-up at all. LOL ;)

Cosmetics can be a little costly and cumbersome for others, but there are brands that are less expensive that you might wanna include on your list. Here are the affordable lists of make-up MUST-HAVES that will suit your budget but can give you good results.

Have you ever tried a foundation on your face with the same shade as that of a friend whom you may know but appears to be unlikely on you compared to hers? Applying make-up is an ART. It’s all about the perfect shade in accordance to the occasion and to your complexion.

Cosmetics are used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. For the face, it can conceal blemishes and spots that may look uneven. Some entails that if the person is really physically attractive, then she may no longer need to apply cosmetics. Well that is true, but at some point, we may also realize that a person can also be attractive if she put some make-up on.  Admit it, even celebrities would agree! :)

La Girl Perfecting Liquid Make-up - A Foundation & Concealer with oil-free content. It's perfect for those who have oily skin. It's also very affordable, you can purchase it in Watson's Stores, Beauty Section. You can apply this after cleansing your face, by using your finger tips. If you have oily skin, after you apply this, then you can cover or blend with a face powder for a fresher and a more natural look. Shade is light beige.

Shawill Blemish Balm Cream or commonly know as BB Cream. This cream is a little cakey and is suitable for dry skin. This is also perfect before applying a face powder. It's also very affordable, you can purchase it in Watson's Stores, Beauty Section.
Shade is Number 03.

La Passion Mineral Two-way Powder SPF 10 you can purchase it in Watson's Stores, Beauty Section
AVON Simply Pretty Shine No More Dual Powder Foundation SPF 13 - you can purchase this with your Avon Lady (Retailers or Dealers)
Both Shades are in Light Beige.

You draw and put some color on your face to enhance your real beauty and it’s not a waste when you spare some of your time experimenting. Remember, it’s all about enhancements and not changing the whole you, plus, it can also protect your skin from the damaging UV rays (if products have UV protection) or maintain the beauty of it (depends on the product). But ofcourse, you have to make sure that what you use is safe, hypoallergenic for those who have sensitive skin, mineralized-makeup for a better and safer result or consult first your dermatologist if you have history skin problems to avoid irritation.

LA Girl Gel Liner in Brown - apply under eyes gently but only half of the eye area, from the outer part, to the center. A liner on your eye lid will really enhance the appearance of your eyes too, use black gel liners on the eyelid. 

LA Girl Gel Liner in Brown - also apply and draw this brown shade gel liner on your brow. Ladies would always appear and look younger when they fill the spaces between their brow-line. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And the first thing that we notice in a person will be their eyes. To achieve that natural looking eyes, you must also choose natural shade of eye shadow, these are the combinations  I would suggest.

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow with 12 Priceless Metals

To Use:
1. Apply one or both mid-stones on lid and blend.
2. Use deepest shade to contour in crease or to shade to softly line eyes with pointed tip applicator.
3 Use the lightest shade to highlight brow bone.
4.  Put white eye shadow on the inside of your eyes to make them appear bigger and brighter.

AVON Supershock MAX Waterproof Mascara - brush on your upper and lower lashes to add volume to your eyes. Tip, use lash curler first before applying the Mascara to avoid ruining the volume, also, curl your lashes from the tip first going to the center to achieve a natural curled lashes.

Avon Luminous Blush - Blush. If you have pale skin, you can try rose color for your cheeks. But if you’re wearing nude lipstick, i prefer amethyst blush-on. Amethyst can have a different effect on your cheeks, but it’ll also look good for contouring whether you have a brown or a fair complexion. 

Etude Dear My Blooming Lips Talk - Shade BE101 - nude lipstick is the best shade to achieve that natural look. You can purchase this in all Etude House branches in any SM Malls.

Items listed above are all affordable and I'm pretty sure it can definitely suit your budget. If you wanna know more about the price, range of each item will be from Php300 to Php800 only. Visit their store branches to know more. You can buy these items in SM Department Stores, Watsons Beauty Section and other leading stores here in the Philippines.

Here's the result. 

Thanks for the view. :)


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