Different Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween used to be one of my favorite holiday in a year. Normally, we visit the graves of our loved ones and plan a mini-reunion with our friends and family. This custom had been celebrated for years now for us to remember someone who already passed away. 

Aside from that, the cutest part of this occasion are the kids who go door to door to do the trick or treat wearing their Halloween costumes. Some would also attend a party wearing their best spooky outfit that can really blow your mind. You wouldn't even recognize others because of the nasty blood dispersed all over their body, scary face make-up and body prosthetic that would create a natural but scarier cosmetic monster look. It's crazy seeing all these people wearing all these spooky costumes added by the creepy, stinky and cold environment. It's such a delightful feeling scaring other people with all these bluffs isn't it? People just have this very artistic and very creative mind! LOL :)

Every year we're doing the same thing that sometimes others would find it a "not so special thing" anymore. If you're already bored of the old stuffs, here' s how others innovated this holiday to make it more special and little different. You might wanna try doing it too.


Candies, toys and chocolate chunks for the kids ready to be picked inside the trunk. 
Trunk-or-Treat instead of the door-to-door Trick-or-Treat in Beloit, Wis.
(Photo credit to Stephanie Lecci) 

Some would think that Halloween would encourage the kids to make fun of the devil, well for most Christians we shouldn't think that way. Halloween is not only about the devil, but the point here is making kids realize that Halloween is not just about monsters or ghosts, but a fun activity to enjoy at. Kids wearing costumes can just pass by the trunk and get some candies they want, plus decorations are not too scary but a little light and colorful to avoid scaring the kids.


Children in Tokyo goes spooky on a Fashion Show 

A Fashion School in Japan celebrated their Halloween with the kids modelling their costumes with the gothic-charged level inspired by Tim Burton horror films. The cute mini models studded at the catwalk with the dogs wearing spooky Halloween costumes too. Weren't they cute?

China Fashion show turned out to be a Freak Show 
(Photos: NG HAN GUAN, AP)

This is such a fun thing to do especially at work or in school. With all the weird stuffs and outfits from there, if you do this, I'm sure it's all gonna be a crazy freakin' show. They call it a couture nightmare because of the weird and unique way in portraying Halloween, like what we used to see in our weird dreams. It's a living proof that the world of fashion is really a strange and an unusal place to be. Haha!


Milk Jug Luminaries Halloween Craft
(Photos from www.chrismaslightsandmore.com)

To feel the spirit of Halloween, a successful decoration is a must to achieve its spooky resemblance. If  buying a Halloween decoration is out of your budget, then this is the perfect time to make use of your creativity. Be artistic by using your old milk jug you're about to throw out, turn into a ghost decoration. Here's how to do it.

Create a hole below the holder of the jug.
Cut-out circles and shapes to create eyes and lips using a black cartolina or black paper, then place it in-front of the jug. This will serve as the face of the jug, or you also have an option to just draw the eyes and lips instead using a black pentel pen.

Place the candle inside the jug where you created the hole. 

TADA! There's your DIY decoration now. Simple yet very creative, try it for yourself!

Another one here is a mini light decoration made of glass containers, from your peanut butter container down to a spooky designed lights this Halloween. Who may ever think that these can still be very useful for the holiday? Try it!


Halloween doesn't always need to be scary, bloody and dark. You can celebrate it without wearing all those creepy and weird costumes if you want to, but would still be "IN" for the holiday. If you're not into scary things, then be beautiful. Pamper yourself by visiting the salon to have these designs painted on your nails.

(Photo from blog.repeatpossessions.com)
 Polish your nails with these spooky nail-art designs.

(Photo from thekit.ca)

Don't have time to visit the salon, do it for yourself by creating fake blood designs out of your nails using a red nail polish.


Be edgy wearing all these fabulous Bats and Cats Collection from Forever 21 but would  still make you feel like going trendy for a halloween..

Match it with this Cat & Dog shoes by Marc and Marc Jacobs. Buy it HERE.

Be trendy and chic with this cute ring accessory that you can buy HERE

Now who says you can't be beautiful and "IN" this Halloween? Have a spooky day!

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