Corporate Swag

Denim, always my favorite type of clothing since I was a kid. It's very ragged and the quality is really strong. Fabric stains and being dirty is not even a problem, that's why I really love wearing it anytime and anywhere. The denim swag style really makes you look cool. hehe... So here's my swag denim and leather look for the day. Yeah I'm cool -- that day! lol :)

I was at work that time for a semi-fashion show. I want to achieve that corporate chic look that day, and since we are all required to wear our best denim outfit, I grabbed this denim vest as add-on to my corporate look.

With the studs on the collar of my vest, matched with my fancy gold accessories I got from Forever21, my plain black and white skirt (Camille Co Capsule Collection for Tomato) and top (Forever 21 Corporate Tops) overall  was never boring anymore.

With or without a hat? Hype this look on

To add a 'lil spice to my swagged photo, here's a peace sign for y'all...

Thanks for the view... :)


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