Cats & Dogs Mismatch Shoes

Do you find a puppy and a kitten cute? I find them really adorable, especially the furry ones. They are naturally sweet and loyal. If you're a lover of these domesticated pets, I'm sure you'll love what I just got from @everythingfabshop.

Yes, its an online shop who sells fashionable and trendy items for ladies. We've been seeing a lot of shops lately who sell affordable, authentic and brand new items online. If you haven't tried shopping online yet but have plans in purchasing anytime soon, then you have to consider different things, you have to be careful and keen too. As much as possible, visit sites or accounts that are best recommended by your friends.

Pros and Cons of shopping online:

(1) convenience; (2) affordability; (3) time & effort saving; (4) accessibility; (5) discreet shopping;

(1) possible fraud; (2) availability; (3) late delivery: (4) durability; (5) order substitution;

I've listed 5  for each just to be fair. The things listed above doesn't happen all the time. You may have your own lists of good and bad experiences, but here's my biggest advise, never order clothes, dress or anything online that you have to wear on a special occasion or event without a substitute. Better be ready! 

Wearing: Cotton On Top, Forever21 Sunnies, Folded & Hung Camouflage Shorts, Satchel Bag and Shoes from @everythingfabshop

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  1. Wow! How much did you pay for those shoes and bag? I thought that you got those from I saw the same items there.

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