A Bali Experience: "Island of the Gods"

I love going to the beach. It burns my skin though, but I don't mind it at all. I just love how the waves and trees sway with the wind along the shoreline. I love hearing the sound of the waves, it makes me appreciate the nature more. I also find it really amazing and very genius on how HE created the beauty of the world. 

I have a very imaginative mind, thinking sometimes that Poseidon, the God of a large number of sea deities can be real, because of so much life the sea possesses, like they were really moving by themselves while whispering words and messages. 

Believing in different gods of nature in my personal point of view can be helpful sometimes. Why? Because when we believe in God, there will always be respect and love. So if we believe in the gods of nature, then we will also respect every bit of what the nature has, either big or small. We protect, we take extra care and we will never ever ruin the beauty in it. 

No offense, I'm a Christian from birth and at heart with one God who created the Universe, I'm just a Greek Mythology fan too!

 The best way to relax and feel an awesome vacation is when you go to the beach no matter how long the traveling time can be. If you don't like the beach, atleast a swimming pool that would make the vacation worthy of your time. 

Picking the best beach resorts in the Philippines is like picking your favorite meal that would satisfy your cravings. It has to be a very venturous place where you can relax at the same time see something new to add a 'lil spice to your experience.

A Bali Experience, not in Bali Indonesia, but in the Philippines. YES, you read it right! We went to Pamarta Bali located in Morong, Bataan Philippines. You can still consider it as a Bali (Indonesia) experience because of the Bali ambiance. The structural designs, rooms, lights, were all inspired by Bali. We've never been to this place until we visited an Advertising Site that offers affordable Hotel and Resort accommodation. It took us almost 4-5 hours to reach the place (commute) coming from Makati Manila, it's really a "no pain no gain" summer experience, yet, it's worth it!

Main entrance...

Hotel rooms...

And here are my summer essentials I can't live without.

Summer Sunnies from Forever 21.

Wearing my Satchel Bag from @EverythingFabShop, shorts from Forever 21 and Bathing Suit I got from GARAGE SHOP.

For more information about the resort, visit and like their Facebook Page HERE.

Thanks for the view :)


  1. Hello! More photos for ur next trips to be posted here. Please! Love reading blogs. :)

  2. Hello. I hope more photos will be posted here for ur next trips. Love reading blogs. :)

  3. Hi :) Pano papunta jan pag commute? Im from Pampanga. Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Khaye..from SM San Fernando Pampanga, you have to take a bus going to Olangapo bus terminal. Then from Morong public market, ride a tricycle going to Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. :)


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