What’s Your Fashion Statement?

I am a simple girl with a simple prevailing style. Honestly, it’s not something I described just by myself, but it’s something other people tagged on me since I was a little girl. But as time goes by, your taste changes too. The things that you’re dying to have before, is something that you just want to keep in your closet now. Something that you can just sell for a garage, trade with your bff’s, or donate for a charity. Something that you can easily dispose and throw away!  

Clothes are like toys! You keep them, wear them and show them with your friends, and if there are better toys displayed in the store, you buy them and keep the old one, worst, if you just easily throw them away. When I started to understand the distinct delineation between Fashion and Style, I realized that Fashion changes drastically while your personal sense of Style remains forever.

I used to love men’s wear, or boy-like clothes, since all my siblings were actually male. Since I was a ‘lil boyish, it reflects to the clothes that I also wear and was then my Fashion Statement. I just really find it comfortable, you can run freely and play with your friends without any worries of showing off your undies, unlike when you wear skirts. That’s really very embarrassing during childhood and I don’t wanna be a laughing-stock. Hehe.. Lol! :)People find it cute when a young girl wear boy-clothes, but not as you grow older or when you’re in a nymph stage. Guys would tease you and tag you as a lesbian! It really affects my personal self-esteem, the non-stop bullies of my guy friends and even my brothers, were quite irritating. 

So I approached my Mum about it. She said the reason why she allowed me to choose the clothes I want to wear because she knew it will eventually change soon. Well, I guess she’s absolutely right!!! Mother knows BEST. I was lucky my Mum was an awesome Fashionista and a good Stylist. She advised me to change my style and wear lady-like clothes. Since I’m really a pure 100% lady at heart, she told me that I should minimize wearing clothes that are preferably for men. She also advised me to watch fashion shows, taught me how to apply cosmetics, beauty products, and shared her knowledge about matching colors and textiles. My Mum is the first person who introduced it to my very innocent mind. She would dress me and would apply some make-up on my face. She also allowed me to practice applying cosmetics all by myself using her stuffs. Since then, the rumored “lesbian thing” about me had stopped. Thanks to my Mum!

Now, I’m more comfortable wearing dresses, skirts and shorts, as well as applying cosmetics. My Mum told me that I have to look good always and maintain a well-groomed image. She really molded me well. Though sometimes, I still can’t help wearing over-sized shirts, something that I would just grab in my boyfriends closet, hehehe…well it’s innate, that’s still my statement! 

The good thing about this is when my friends and colleagues would even consult me on the best outfit to wear for some special event. They would even hire me sometimes as their make-up artist, of course, it’s for free, it’s even my pleasure to help! Of course  it’s not just me who knows everything, my friends have their own styles too and we often exchange ideas and share our clothes, which I find really sweet.  :)

And how about my old over-sized clothes? I don’t just throw them away…I recreate and style them.
One example is the photo below…. I suggest you should try recreating your old/oversized clothes too!

Wearing: Cotton On Denim Jumpsuit, Havaianas Slippers, Fashion21 Accessories, Fashion21 Hats, Nikon Camera.
Photographed by: Ayen, Aiza (Haute Monde) 
Camera Used: Nikon D5100


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