If ladies are going crazy in fashion and are so hooked with fads and the latest trends,  men tend to be less vocal but more serious thinking about what will make them stand out. 

You may not notice it, but they are also anxious and keen about choosing what to wear especially during special occasions and big events. What's good about being a woman is that we have so many affordable things to choose from. Even wearing simple clothes can already make us stand out. We can easily look good with stuff like wearing make-up, polishing our nails, styling our hair, perfumes, then we're on the go. Most men tend to shop and grab less items on malls but would always choose brands that offers the best quality. (Agree?)

The first thing a woman would easily notice with men are the clothes they wear. Admit it ladies, we easily judge them according to their looks. So I've listed few of the best looks (I can say) here that would still depend on a guys taste. 

I hope these list of #ootd 's might help you!

The Bad Boy look.

The Corporate Bachelor Hottie.

You Babe with a Bow-Tie.

The Boy-next door.

The Sparkling Pop look.

The University Heart-throb.

The Cool-J.

The Mystery Guy.

The Biker.


The Preppy look.

This is my favorite Fashionista in lookbook.nu. 
He’s Adam Gallagher, a 21 yr. old fashion blogger. Be a fan of him!
Check more of his looks HERE.


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