I know it's been raining in the Philippines lately, and this late post of mine might not match the weather that we have today. I just wanna be optimistic in everything and that no matter how heavy the rain these past few days were, still, we find time to enjoy it in our own ways, the Pinoy Ways. :)

Playing cards...



and tea time for me :)

When you're on a vacation with your friends and due to unexpected sudden change of the weather, the sky just turned dark, surroundings just turned dull and cold plus disruptive patchy fog, then water in a form of droplets just started to fall from the sky, what would you do? 

I know rain can mess up our day sometimes, especially if you and your friends planned a trip ahead of time. But instead of staying in your hotel room waiting for the rain to stop, why don't you just go with it, play with it, besides you're with your friends, so why spoil your vacation anyway?

We went to Tagaytay. YES! I'm not kidding and its actually the exact day when PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administrationa Government agency for weather forecasting) announced that heavy rain might hit some areas of Luzon. What a perfect day isn't it? 

Tagaytay is also known for its cold and foggy environment. Really a perfect place to be for a sunny day, but totally sucks during rainy days. But, we didn't let the fun slip away, still, we jumped into the pool, took #ootd swimwear shots and took advantage of the coming in-and-out of the Sun. Timing is the key! LOL :)

Meet my friend here Ayen, who also took pictures of my solo. 

Wearing: Forever21 shades, Folded&Hung Two-Piece bathing suit, Forever21 white cover-up

No regrets, just fun, thanks for the view... :)

Photo taken at Country Hotel Tagaytay.


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