The New World of Archery

Movies even online games, I always find myself choosing a character of an Archer. Why? Because I find it more convenient and easy fighting from a distance instead of having a combat face to face like a Barbarian. (please no offense to gamers with a Barbaric character) Aside from that, if we base this in Chinese astrology, it’s also the constellation sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Aries (my zodiac sign) used to be a perfect match in terms of relationships and love. Believe it or not, I’ve been hooked with a Sagittarian and currently, still with a Sagittarian (hehe). Since then, I’ve always been curious about it. It came to a point that I was already dreaming about it. Dreaming as if I was a real Archer fighting evil to protect human kind. Sounds very superficial weren’t I? So, I went to my resources to research more about the said sport. Well, atleast I was able to fulfill my dreams afterwards.

Archery is the art or sport of shooting with bows and arrows, its main function is that of a recreational activity. It takes thousands of hours and practices to master this skill. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. A person who participates in archery is typically known as an “archer” or “bowman”.
The bow seems to have been invented in the later Paleolithic or early Mesolithic periods. Central Asian Tribesmen were extremely adept at archery on horseback. Armies in the battlefield used this weapon in their quest to defend their race. But due to the development of bombs and firearms, archery had declined and became obsolete in the warfare.
However, despite of a precarious means of existence in archery in the battlefield, highly mobile archers were excellently executed and switched into modern sports. Nowadays, Olympians with great skills in archery have been known all over the world.

Recently, “The London 2012 Olympic Games have been a success in terms of participation, broadcast and legacy – and that is very much true for archery”.

Like what I’ve always been dreaming of and as what I’ve mentioned, we looked for a place where we could feel the resemblance of an archer. Luckily, we found Gandiva Cafe, located in: 7/F One Corporate Center Building Julia Vargas St. cor. Meralco Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. It’s not all about coffee. Gandiva Café offers fitness and vitality through its natural hot and cold blends and nutritious cuisine coupled with savvy archery.

It was a very exciting moment in my life that finally I can be what I dreamed to be even for a day. We had an indoor archery session at Gandiva Archery Cafe and we were taught basic instructions on how to utilize and inure the archery equipment. After that, we were given enough time and space to practice the equipment ourselves. It was really a fun and exciting experience.

I heard that some of these kids tried archery because they were inspired by the character of Katniss Everdeen from the movie Hunger Games.

Archery was never an easy sport as it may look. It requires knowledge and mental alertness. Safety precautions were highly implemented to avoid accidents. The bow was quite cumbersome that’s why a good warm up is also advisable before playing especially for beginners. The arrow  that was used during the session was just plastic, suitable for newbees like me.

There, dream come true! I wish to comeback soon, but since I used to have a jam-packed weekend maybe i can have it scheduled some other time. Hope you guys also enjoyed reading.
For offers, products and more details, you can just check Gandiva Cafe’s website HERE.


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