Galera Group Escapes

I love summer! It’s my remedy for all those stressful days at work. And it will not be a complete getaway without my lovely friends in college. We never thought of having a summer getaway beforehand. But what we are sure of is that one day, we’ll get together, and visit those places we used to go when we were still in college, and those were in… Puerto Galera Philippines!

I’ve been visiting Puerto Galera like 5 years in a row already because a close friend of mine used to live there. From then on, it already became a yearly vacation visit for us. From the Beach resorts, pools, bars and hotels, who wouldn’t love these sweet escapes? Puerto Galera is extremely more than just the typical. 

If you are into adventure, then this is the right opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping. So here are the lists of activities and places that you might wanna include in your plan:

Snorkeling Plus Island and Beach Hopping

If you love the beach but you gauge to explore more, you can try beach hopping. You enjoy yet you spend less because of its very affordable and negotiable package. From the different beaches to hop around, down to the middle for you to enjoy the glimpse of underwater beauty. Don’t worry, if it’s gonna be your first time, it’s proven and tested to be safe. Have the courage to try it with your friends, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Deep Sea Scuba Diving

Be enchanted by the underwater world! It’ll be easier for you to find these diving stores/shops because of the approximate 40 world-renowned dive sites around Puerto Galera. What’s best in here are the training sessions and exams before you jump in, just to be sure you’re fit to dive and explore the beauties below.

Paintball Quest in the Jungle

Hold your fire! X-Treme Sports Philippines Adventure Park, a fun group activity especially when you have crazy friends. You’ll be holding a gun with paint ball as your bullet, hide behind the trunks of the trees, never get caught, or else, BOOM, you’ll end up losing the game with messy mastic colors dispersed on your body.

Scenes in Tamaraw Falls

It’s best to grab your camera when you arrive to this place. With it’s beautiful forestry aura, if you are a lover of nature, you’ll surely enjoy the scenic view here. You can also take few walks down to the swimming area of the falls. Take endless photographs and enjoy the green and cool ambiance with your friends. There are areas that are deep and some are shallow so always watch your children when you bring them with you for safety.

Road trip With a Motorcycle

Rent a motorcycle and stroll around the roady places of Galera. The fine is very affordable so you and your friends can rent a motorcycle each and the biker can take you wherever you wish to go. Motorcycles were used for transportation because of the narrow roads in some areas.What we do, we sometimes do bike racing though we’re not the ones driving and make a bet who ever arrives last, will pay for the motorcycle fee.

The Ponderosa Golf Course

If you are not into hiking and extreme activities, but more of a classy golfer, then this place is perfect for you. I’m not really into golf sports but I would love to learn it since my dad used to be an awesome player way back childhood. I really find the club heavier than my weight that time, and when I came to be ready, he had stopped playing it already.

There are several places to hang out and stroll around that I may haven’t included in my list yet. Really looking forward for more. Thanks for the view. 


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