The Philippines Air Force Museum

YES IT IS and the rest is HISTORY!

Have you ever been to Philippine Air Force Museum? It is full of scenic drama and history once you enter the building. The museum entails the historical hues of Philippine Air Force life. It has massive PAF equipment, tools, planes, photographs, military uniforms, vintage guns from WW II, art paintings and replicas of artifacts used by the PAF or its predecessor from 1917 to the present, that were part of local history during the Japanese invasion.

I really look up to one of the Philippine Heroes in PAF, Jesus Villamor, pilot in Philippine Army Air Corps. His dedication to serve and protect the country, though his corps already called for retreat, is unbeatable, he never gave up. His deeds were very inspiring and his love for his heritage were immeasurable. Sacrificing and risking your own life is one of the bravest things any man can do.

The PHILIPPINE AIR FORCE AEROSPACE MUSEUM is a military museum of the AFP that was earlier founded as Marcos Museum on May 02, 1974. Coming to this place and seeing closely the F-5A Fighter plane air missile makes me feel like I was on the exact place of PAF quest. It was truly a moment of experience that I will always appreciate. We’ve all been part of history and if you are an academic history guru, you’ll really love and enjoy visiting the Aerospace Museum.

I instantaneously grabbed my camera and took pictures (as you can obviously see) on many factual documented research, authentic and vintage materials, fruitless struggles, obscure images and protest, that will surely give you a wide revolutionary experience. ENJOY!

Aside from the exceptional resource that covers the history of PAF, another reason why we brought ourselves to this place was a kiddie party. The Aerospace Museum have a designated area or function rooms where families can celebrate parties or any events located at the 2nd floor of the building. The place is open for adults and children for a one day  field trip. 

So here's what I wore that day...

Wearing: Melrose Doll Shoes, SM Accessries, Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch Bag, Candies Top, Printed Shorts From a friends Shop

Thanks for the visit! :)


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