Monday, September 9, 2013


I love summer and I know most of you too. But at some point, I’m afraid that it can trigger the black marks and freckles on my face. Maybe some of you have the same problems as mine, and if not, maybe you’re worried about your figure. You may be too skinny or chubby, but HEY, you can still look edgy without exposing too much of your skin. If you don’t have that visible sexy curves, then create your own curve and try clothes that can create deception but can give you more attention.  Here are some tips on what to wear when you feel like going out with your friends to the beach.

Green Cover-up

I wore this green see-through dress matched with these items to complement on the beach party that day. The dress comfortably fits me well and is perfect for cover up before swimming. I wore this dress on our trip to Punta Fuego Batangas. The place was classic that’s why I wore this green and sexy  see-through dress that would complement the place and the event. The dress is garterized that’s why it will really fit any figure. You can even eat a lot when you’re in a buffet dinner. Lol! People will not notice your full tummy afterwards. haha! Based on my experience. I am a very simple girl, so it really reflects my personality, too.

Next: The Gypsy Skirt
We planned to go walking at the seashore that time and I want a longer skirt. This was perfect that day. You can also wear a bikini under this outfit. For those who weren't comfortable exposing their legs, this one’s perfect for you.

Next: White COVER-UP
I wore this white cover-up for a bikini when we went to Coco Beach at Puerto Galera, Philippines. the shades I wore matches with any clothes actually. It was really very sunny that time, that’s why I chose white for a more comfortable and refreshing look.

Next: White shorts and pink see through top
This was one of the simplest but eye catching outfit that’s perfect for the walk tripping at the beach. Underneath, you can also wear your sexy bikini. It comes with a pink top that serves a cover-up for the bra-top, partnered with white denim shorts and once you’re ready, you can just take it off and you’re on the go.

There! As you can obviously see, all the chosen outfit I wore were actually safe to wear even in any figure. Better apply sun block too to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays.  Thank you for viewing.
Note: Photos of each items above are not the exact item I wore. See all items HERE.
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