Call It Spring

We had a quick trip with my friends (Bellus) last weekend and planned to have a mini-photoshoot since all of us have the same interest in photography. I'd always love taking photos. Well who wouldn't? Our motif was to wear pastel colored outfit that would be perfect for the weather that day. So I came up with an idea to wear my "almost vintage" dress hiding in my closet which I got from Karimadon a year ago.

I've never worn this dress in any occasions yet, but I I really like how it complements the forest spring aura of the environment that day. Just exactly how we all planned to have!

I got this beautiful pastel orange necklace from a friends shop. I love accessories, but I don't wear them all the time. My Mum is a collector of accessories, so whenever I buy some pieces and sets, I used to give it to her after wearing it so she can also take good care of it! hehe...We're just really best pals when in comes to sharing and trading things.

I really love messy and curly hair, makes me feel different from others. While most ladies are dying to have a hair rebond, I still choose to just enhance my hair. My hair used to be really thick and wavy, it's always not the ideal type, not anyone would love to have, but that makes me unique and it had always been my statement too. A simple hair treatment would always be enough for me once a month, two or every three months? Nah, I would only visit the salon during special events and occasions. That means... my beauty maintenance is really not that high! LOL :)

I never really bother to care so much about the sunny weather that time. Smile :)

I have good friends who can picture and bring out the good angle in me. Thank you Bellusians. :) Wearing Celine Wedge.

Photographed by my lovely bestie! 

Thanks for the view. :)


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