A Day With The Aged

We sometimes ask ourselves, what will we look like when we grow old? Hence, we should embrace it and must earn the kind of respect we deserve as soon as we reach that stage. Some had wistfully adapted the position of growing alone. We tend to bring back the old memories and all that nostalgic feeling that will make us realize, “Everything seemed like yesterday…”!

We shouldn’t be afraid of growing old. Some may feel that they are nearly at the edge of the cliff, and that they will only become a burden to others. But come to think of it, growing old means increasing your bank account of knowledge. Older people are best in giving personal advises and sharing wonderful life experiences. They are the best story tellers and writers that we can enjoy to listen in the midst of any conversation. You’ll learn, gain knowledge, and the best of all, obtain wisdom. As we age, we should all think positively and be lucky enough to realize that wrinkles aren’t painful, that everyday is a new day and a new life to realize how grateful we are to be given the gift of life.

We visited Hospicio De San Jose, last weekend and had a small get together with our Granny’s residing there. We already celebrated these past few weeks with the kids, that’s why we also visited our lovely Grand Parents and had a mini party that at least would entertain them. Likewise, instead of us who should do all the entertainment, they actually prepared a simple production number and some song number for us to be entertained. We were like having a mini concert and we all became their audience that day. It was really fun ‘coz they can sing really well.

Of course, that didn't end there, we also prepared simple games for them like, pass the item, stop dance, answer the Trivia Questions and everything was really fun and exciting. I can’t describe the smile on their faces, but all I know is, they are happy and they really made our day. (Home for the Aged in Hospicio are well provided and are still supported by their families..)

Aside from their talents in singing, I’ve also noticed that while we’re having games, some are doing crochet’s and beads craft and would sell them at a very reasonable price. They are also productive, creative and are in born entrepreneurs. Me and my best friend purchased these cute items.

We also brought fruits for snacks and also shared some supplies for their everyday necessities.

To end the day, ofcourse, we also took time to take photographs with them. We promised to visit next time and give them each a copy of their solo  photos and some group shots with us.

 This whole experience was remarkably unforgettable. We will surely visit again next time!


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