One Heart Philippines & The Breakthrough at Hospicio De San Jose

Teens nowadays are stereo-typically being judged according to their delinquent actions. They are also being trapped with the mentality and impression that they are lazy, selfish and obsessed with technology. Older generations would tag them as taboo because of their liberated and immoral behavior.
At a very young age common problems among teenagers are early pregnancy, drug addiction, etc., that are all causes of peer pressure, family problems and many more. Basically, some reasons of such imbalanced behavior were lack of guidance and formal education, which they should acquire and learn first at home. Cases like these are highly sensitive that can unconsciously affect different factors. I feel terrible every time I witness such rebellious act from a teenager, a friend or somebody I just know.

But not all teenagers in our generation were influenced by negative peers. Some were raised responsible by ther parents/guardians. Some are still active in church activities. I’ve recently met few of them when we had our last visit at Hospicio de San Jose. One of the volunteers from “THE BREAKTHROUGH” planned to celebrate his birthday with the children situated in Hospicio. Of course, One Heart Group spared some gifts too. We also prepared games during the party for them to enjoy their whole weekend. Food were served as well as snacks. Other necessities, goods and medicines were also supplied for the kids. Check out these photos taken that day. Enjoy!

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