A Back To School Project at Hospicio De San Jose

The school year for 2013 is fast approaching. Summer is almost over, so for students who are still prepping and still can’t get over their summer, well be ready and prepare yourselves for another awesome school experience. School is an institution where students/pupils learn by the help of noble and professional teachers. It’s aim is to help students learn not just academically but in all aspects of life. We develop our minds, skills, talents and build circle of friends in School. School is the place where everything is a memory, good or bad, its a place where we live and the reason for what and who we are today.

We are lucky and blessed to have our loving parents with us who can give us the proper education we need. We all should be grateful and never forget to repay our parents. How to repay them? DIPLOMA!!! And it’ll be a plus if you have special academic awards too. You don’t have to be the top, you just have to be a good and respectful student, acquire what you can learn and be molded. Our success will always be our parents success!
You might question me why I write about school today. One Heart Philippines invited us to visit Hospicio De San Jose.

It’s an institution that shelters elders and orphans. The pupils, though are living without their parents, still there are kind-hearted people who share what they can to support their educational needs. We decided to share a little too! We donated school supplies (eg. notebooks, pens, papers, crayons, etc.) that they can use for the upcoming school year.

It was a fun weekend for my bestfriend, boyfriend and One Heart Group. See you next time kids ;)
Thanks for reading :)


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