RED for My Birth Anniversary

Last March was the festive of my special day, my BIRTHDAY. YAY! I’m a year older now, but having a mentality that age is just in the mind, is a good way to maintain a youthful life. I remember my teenage years, that as soon as I reach 25, I swear that by that time, I have to prepare myself  coz I’ll be a lovely wife to my husband and a responsible mother to my child/children.

Well, that didn’t happen! Haha…and I was never ready in entering that chapter yet. There’s really more to life when you live with it, instead of focusing more on myself and jumping into marriage in a snap with hurdles and without any preparation, I’m no selfish gauche (no offense to teenage dreamers and to early marriage pros). But I’m not closing doors to any possibilities, God has a plan.

My Mum allowed me to live independently the moment I started working. She’s giving me the freedom to decide on my own, I can even go wherever I want to go. You may have thought that it’s fine and normal, and that I may be exaggerating it, but having close “Family Ties “ is one of Philippine’s core values. We still ask our parents to permit us even if we’re at the right age. It entails respect that exist a strong mutual relationship bonded by love from each member of the family.

Family bonding is very important no matter how much years we age. Philippine families reunite and celebrate whatever occasion may arrive. Relatives decision matters too, I know it sounded too much, but sometimes, that’s just how it is.

I’m now a fully grown up woman.

I never planned to take this shot seriously. I have this playful and youthful persona, so as much as possible, I would prefer wearing bright, neon, soft or candy colored outfits. My friends are sweet and supportive, so they suggested that I have to wear a more mature color, Red and Black is perfect for the day, since RED will simply represent womanhood and my Birthday while Black will be for Maturity and Elegance.

Candid photograph as I prepare myself…haha, I’m no model guys, photography is our hobby…
In fact, I certainly believe that you don’t have to be highly compensated to call yourself a photographer, as long as you love what you do, you love your camera, then you can be a good photographer.
I love taking photos and luckily I have friends who have the same interest as mine too..
My smile number 5…lol :)
I didn’t get to apply much make-up that day. It’s a ‘lil bit cake-y if you apply too much since we have tropical weather here.
I just used the usual cosmetic kit and combis, and those were:Beige Shade Liquid Oil-free Foundation - LA Passion Cosmetics, White Beige Dual Powder Cake - LA Passion Cosmetics, a black liquid eye-liner on my eye lid to brighten my eyes - Etude "My Lipstalk" for my lips - Etude, Blushbaby for my cheeks - Mac Cosmeticsand a hand-fixed with hair treatment for my hair - Elipse
My friends and I went to this place and swimming was not part of the plan.
We were brain storming on where to celebrate my pre-birthday bash with my lovely friends (The Propaganda Belles-group name and Bellusians as what we call ourselves). We planned to have a small picnic celebration with simple sweet pancakes and goodies. We chose Tagaytay since its the nearest but a beautiful place to go, better and a ‘lil far from the busy and traffic places in Manila. Swimming was never our plan, but we found this resort as we entered the Lee Hotel along the road when you pass by the road along The Picnic Grove when we were Hotel canvassing.

The AROMA. It’s very affordable, videoke and free breakfast is already part of the package for group stay in, so we immediately closed the deal. :)
Fun fun fun… striking a pose…
And here are the people behind the scenes :)

Thanks for the view. :)


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