Did you Like “Beautiful Creatures”?

Have you watched Beautiful Creatures already? It had been showing in theaters about a month ago, and I am still in love, like I can’t seem to move on after watching it. Beautiful Creatures is an American romantic fantasy novel written by best-selling Authors Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. This had been written as their debut novel relevant to Chronicles of Casters, while the film was directed by Richard LaGravenese and stars Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert.

The cliché in the story was when Ethan Wate, a popular boy next door guy in their school fell in love with Lena, a silent new girl in the school who isolates herself because of townspeople’s accusation against her that she is a witch.
Lena and her family call themselves Casters, and Lena as being the powerful member of the family, was cursed and destined to be claimed as soon as she turned 16. Becoming evil and hurting Ethan are Lena’s fears after steering her true nature that was triggered from flashbacks to the Civil War, towards either be in the group of light or the group of darkness. Ethan was unafraid and he had faith that Lena will overcome darkness because he truly believed in the beauty and lighter side of her heart.
There were sweet couple fights, quick teary-eyed moment and few pissing gossip girls, that made me feel like dreaming everything was real. Snap!!! BOOOM!!! Wake up Tayme.. There were lots of magical twist and casting spells that made me fell in love with the story even more. Plussss…I’m a big fan of Emmy Rossum, (if you have read my post about the Phantom of the Opera) she’s a multi-talented actress, opera singer and I was fully amazed on her role bitching around with Ethans bestfriend, lol.
She’s really cunning and I love all the glamorous dark colored dresses she wore. So, if you haven’t read or watched it yet and are curious enough, better grab a copy of the film now. Lol :)
Because I was deeply hooked with the story, me and my friends decided to have a quick photo-shoot that will potentially imply the resemblance of Beautiful Creatures. It’s not  as highly beautiful compared to the film photos, but I’d appreciate if you’ll be able to see the beauty in it! Enjoy… :)

 Thanks for the visit… :)


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