♥ A Party with The Angels ♥

One Heart Philippines is a charitable institution that I am currently affiliated with. They used to visit places that needed extra care and love. For those who don’t know yet or who are first-time visitors of this blog, my bestie invited me to join and be part of their monthly project, so I came to join with my supportive boyfriend too. Those adults and children that were neglected, bereaved, abandoned, who have lost their homes and families, who were highly in need, are all One Heart Philippines focused projects to permeate. The goal is to furnish and provide them their basic necessities like food, clothes, books, toys, small party , etc..or to sum up, a pulpit to make them happy..”.
Where did we go?

Tada! We went to Fundacion/Asociacion De Damas Filipinas located around Paco Manila, an orphanage that has about hundreds of neglected and abandoned children. 
This was my second visit already with the same group and people (though One Heart had been a frequent visitor before we joined). When we were first invited to be part of One Heart, this was the first project we attended. Some kids though haven’t recognized us anymore when we came back, but they were fully aware we are from the ONE HEART team. There were also new kids and new faces while others we still remember and recognized from our first visit. They’re all young todds around 2-12 yrs old, but still they approached us with warmth and kindness as if they’ve really known us for so long. It’s really heart-whelming!
And the surprises that we have for the kids?

Thank you, Ms. Gella of Blank & Filled for the face painting!! :) she’s awesome…
Food, toys, school supplies, etc., were all sponsored by volunteers of One Heart Philippines.
Now check out the smile on their faces…

Kids also performed that day, they are all very talented and entertaining…  
I really can’t help smiling and laughing while we were watching them, they’re really good… 

Meet the whole One Heart Team with the children!

For more photos, visit this page: Footprints of a Pointed-Toes


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