Due to my extreme instigation, since I really enjoyed my stay in this one place, as described the sanctuary, where the wind blows in the breezeway, graceful moves of the wave and dancing trees, placid dwellings and sidewalks, sweet cocktails and sparkling sun rays, it’s really a perfect place to be if you want to relax and ponder. We have invested excellence and hard work…now…it’s payback time!

I learned to appreciate life even more and feel blessed every time I brought myself in a cozy ambiance. Now we are again reaping the benefits of our hard work. 

Congrats again to my TEAM! When we arrived to the place, I rustled to take photographs immediately. The more I create a beautiful imagery, the more it becomes an addiction to me

We went to Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa located in Subic Philippines, nuzzled between a rain forest and Nabasan Bay. The place is overlooking at Grande Island. Kamana Sanctuary Resorts and Spa in Zambales is just new in Subic Freeport. If I will be rating the food, services and its amenities from one to ten, it will be perfect 10. 

The place was completely relaxing and captivating. We had a quick view of the place since the video clip that I also posted here featured its amenities (eg. rooms, pool, etc.) and it had been rolled from time to time all over our office TV screens.

Here I am looking sweaty during the game... lol :)
At night was a party with a theme: "Reggae Exclusives" . We have guest bands, seafood cuisines for dinner, dance floor, it was really a wrap!

After the party all night, here's what we had for breakfast.

Thanks for the view :)

Here's the full clip during the BOB Reggae Exclusives Party, enjoy!


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