A message I saw when we went to Child (Center for Health Improvement and Life Development) Haus, home for the patients afflicted by cancer. It was located in Quezon City established by celebrity hair-dresser philanthropist Ricky Reyes, and Mr. Hans Sy, President of SM Prime Holdings.

The Child Haus, due to its peek visit by celebrities, became a boon after Reyes’ years of philanthropic endeavor. Reyes before was aware of the cancer diseases because he had witnessed it by himself, brought by the Inquirer editor in chief Letty Magsanoc, when he was invited to visit a Hospital that aids cancer.  Because of the pain and struggles he had seen by the cancer patients, he had organized a program “Look Good, Feel Good”, to help woman cancer patients fight the dreaded disease and to forget depression. He taught them ways to wear a bandana over their balding heads and apply blushers and lipstick.

What breaks my heart the most were the kids, for as early as 2-12 yrs of living, they are already afflicted by cancer. Child Haus aims to support and cure the disease attacking these young angels. It’s advocacy and dedication to shelter and protect these indigent kids are never ending.
Many volunteers already donated medical supplies and basic necessities as maintenance for the patients, plus other organizations’ and celebs also sponsored things like toys and playground, etc., to atleast minimize pain and depression.

One Heart Philippines is one of these organizations. Our aim is to give them a short break and a small children’s party. By all means, PB, my goody friends that are also my current workmates joined too, and we were all so happy that day. No teary-eyed moment for the mean time! 

Let’s all be blessed with what we have and the abundance that God had given us. These young fighters are as brave as warriors, not in the battlefield but in life. I hope we can all have the dedication to help, if not today, maybe in the future. We may not be as rich as Hans Sy, nor Ricky Reyes… well we don’t have to be, lets just try to find some ways to help.

Thanks for the visit!


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